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The Great Gatsby

The last fiction work I read about is The Great Gatsby by F. Scott FitzGerald. Gatsby for one reason or another becomes separated with a girl he loved much, Daisy. Thus, he goes on accumulating wealth and building mansions in the hope that he would eventually spur curiosity in Daisy to come and see who lives in the vast mansion in their area (Scott 5). To do this, he throws parties, which he does not take part. Over time he starts getting attracted to Daisy, and in some instances, it is evident their love is blossoming. This angers Tom who argues that he has a shared past with Daisy. The story ends with Gatsby being fatally shot. This is important in that it teaches us no matter how wealthy one can be; we can never recapture the past.


Humanities can be defined as the study of human society and culture. It is a branch of knowledge that encompasses disciplines such as literature, language, philosophy, jurisprudence, and history. Humanities are geared towards making us appreciate our past and the imminent future. Thus, they help us understand human life at large (Scott 45). Humanities are essential in our lives. To begin with, some fields of humanity, for example, philosophy teaches us how to think critically. This is important in that it helps man to solve various conundrums and problems that he may be facing. Most of the people who made various discoveries in the early years were philosophers. Secondly, some fields of humanity like literature are essential in that they help us understand others better through studying their language and traditions. This is important in that, in the end, it fosters strong interaction between people from different backgrounds. Third, Jurisprudence, which is a field of humanity, teaches us how we can weigh several shreds of evidence brought before us skeptically before we can make definitive judgments. Haste judgments could be unfair, and thus this helps us mitigate such scenarios. Lastly, other branches of humanity like law are geared towards teaching social equity and justice. Through this people can coexist with others peacefully.

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Scott, Fitzgerald F. The Great Gatsby. Рипол Классик, (2017): 1-49

November 24, 2023



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