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Part 1
The works of Keats are attributed to amongst the first-rate works of romantic poetry of all times. He, in his time was not well obtained by the audiences that existed. Despite this, his art is unique, in how he views the world of love. Critics of literature all agree that the poet was in his personal way showing his general view of art.
Earl wasserman, has the concern that the critics have been over time basing their grasp of the entire poem on the last line ‘beauty is truth, truth beauty’ he feels that the attention on the last line of this work, blinded a readers and critics of the true intended that means to the great work of art. In his analysis of the piece, he examines the themes that are addressed by Keats. He finds that the poem, hails on the aspect of the human world, which is mutable, and on the other had also has the aspect of the immortal and the essential beings who influence Keats presentation of the ancient times. He observes that the entire poem, has to do with either both spectrums in unison or one opposing the other. This simply means that the general, the world that Keats addressed in the piece Ode on the Grecian urn, features the human world and the supernatural world.

According to Wasserman, Keats uses things to bring forth his ideas and to show the readers what he means. The urn, pipes, trees, a town lovers and priest are some of the character featured in his works. He has the strong opinion that Keats could have had the intention to use these characters as Meta grammar in representation of deeper meaning. His main source of argument, is to dispute, the other critic, such as T. S Elliot who has the view that the use of ‘beauty is truth, truth beauty’ makes the poem lose its meaning. He refuses to just look at the generalized meaning and this is clearly seen in his elongates analyses of the fifty lines long poem. He illustrates that the piece has hidden meaning that could easily be used as a point of reference. He uses other works to draw reference and similarity in the way in which the work is done. He rewrites the meanings he finds behind the piece in order to give clear meaning of the work. He concludes that Keats did not have reverence for symbolism representing the world as it is. He concludes that the last line, on truth and beauty is very relevant to the meaning of the piece. It complements the subject matter that Keats was aiming at addressing. The Urn eventually shows the harmony in beauty and truth in the way, the poet uses the urn as a representative of the theme.

Part two

The piece, Ode on the Grecian Urn, is a piece that uses a lot of symbolism to be representative of the Greek world. The speaker on the poem is admiring an ancient Greek vase that tells a lot through the imprint done on the vase. The urn is described as an unravished bride. This symbolic of the beauty of a nice piece of art that has a lot to show to the world but it remains tucked away in a place where it is not in the view of many.

The piece basically shows how art is used to tell tales and give meaning to the rest of the world. The Urn, as the speaker continues to look at it, he is able to identify and imagine how the life of the people drawn on the vase. The speaker tries to understand how the world is for the people in the vase and how. The urn is describe as a Sylvan Historian, which specifically means that the urn is giving a history of people who live in the forests. The speaker shows that the urn in its beauty is in a position to give a lot of answers on the way in which people of its times. As the speaker goes on to read the things drawn on the urn, the world is revealed. In the first stanza it talks of the important parts of the society that is described on the Urn. The people seem to like music and fun as well as partying. And in their happiness the are a society that shows oneness. The speaker goes on and on about the beauty of the Urn and how well it is

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