Long Live the Password- the password is dead by Ryan Wade

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Ryan Wade's "Password Is Dead: Long Live Password"

Ryan Wade's "Password Is Dead: Long Live Password" work looks at the reliance on text passwords to encrypt their online accounts and even devices. He narrows his study to the background of the business sector. Ideally, the use of passwords is overrated which results in a lot of violations of privacy with a good number of companies lose billions of cash to cybercrime. As a critical and free college student, I find Wade's claims substantial notwithstanding a few things that we do not agree with. I expect to critique and provide more insight into why the password will be a stronger security mechanism for websites.

Processing Speed Comparison

Firstly, Wade talks about the comparison between the processing speed between passwords and biometric machines (24). Indeed, while using password in a website the breakthrough to your account is easier and faster than biometric. Biometric identification is an additional machine that may or may not blend most computers in the market today. The probability of the system hanging is very high that may lead to time wasting or failed recognition. Moreover, passwords can also have a two-factor verification option attached to either your cellphone or email. The two-step will alert you whenever someone’s login to your account and sends a one-time code for verification. I am convinced that this would be better than biometric because it is handy.

Cost of Biometric Machines

In the second place, we need to consider the cost of installing biometric machines as opposed to free passwords. I am not certain of current prices of standard biometric machines though am pretty sure that they are not free. For example, let us take a banking institution with million customers worldwide and thousands of personnel who operate their account t online. How much would it cost the bank for every client to own a biometric machine that he would use indoors to monitor his/her transactions? How effective would the machines be suppose each customer is granted the opportunity to acquire their own type and register through the bank system? How will you identify an intruder? How many clients would be willing to incur that extra cost?

Life After Death Issue

Thirdly, despite biometric being recognized as top security, Wade does not enlighten us on the "life after death issue". Suppose only one person was entitled to accessing particular information and he accidentally succumbs. How will the information be accessed? Will the institution shutdown because of single death? Will we destroy all machines and safes? In my view passwords still remains effective because in can be retrieved and reset.

Hassles of Long Text Words and Bad Memory

On the other hand, I agree with Wade when he says that, "passwords bring hassles when long text words meet bad memory". Although, corporates prefer using passwords for faster processing power, the latter instructor users to use long, complicated text combinations which becomes difficult to remember by the employees (24). Compared to biometric activation where only a fingerprint is required. At no circumstance does a finger lose its texture that would cause complications. Frequent resetting of passwords or auto remembering in website would land you into privacy breach.


I must admit that the book "Password Is Dead: Long Live the Password" by Ryan Wade is an interesting work. He explores on the current technological issues not with the intention of demeaning passcode users but to enlighten them on the risks and recommends a lasting solution for corporates. Personally, passcode use has compromised my private files on my laptop. Otherwise, I would not support the total abolition of passcode use, however, I would recommend websites to spice it two-step verification.

October 12, 2022
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