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Los California: The Western Frontier

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The western frontier refers to an expression of life in the expansion of America through history, geography, culture, and folklore. It is often referred to as the American frontier, which started with English colonial settlements in the seventeenth century and ended in 1912 after the admission of states to mainland territories. The American border is a peripheral area that shows the American-European settlement line. The state of California, which is known internationally for its influential creativity, music, and politics, is an example of a Western frontier. Various bands of Native Americans lived in the area before the establishment of California. This period was prior to exploration by European expeditions that took place in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. However, as the Spanish Empire founded New Spain colony, the region was claimed and became Alta California.

A war of independence took place in the early nineteenth century. Consequently, Mexico took over the area from the Spanish Empire. After the war between America and Mexico, the United States ceded Alta California in 1848. In 1850, the western part of Alta California became the thirty-first state, California. Therefore, the state of California is a western frontier because it is an edge separating America and Mexico. It borders Mexico to the south. The gold rush in California started in 1848, leading to tremendous changes in demographics and society, as a result of large-scale emigration. In recent times, this state is famous for its film industry that comprises a majority of the entertainment industries. The agricultural industry in California produces the highest output in all of the states in America. It is the United States most populous state, and its rich economy makes the nation third most expensive.

August 09, 2021
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