Low income families challenges

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The current economy addresses crucial issues confronting low-income households, including demographic conditions such as a massive drop in non-educated men's incomes. Increased residential segregation by race and income class, as well as increased marginalization of low-income households, are examples of social and political influences (Loopstra & Tarasuk, 2013). When all considerations are considered together, low-income households face major stereotypes about educational attainment. Bad parents are seen as inattentive and inefficient, while the rich see low-income households as linguistically deficient, with poor literacy skills, and therefore unable to contend for available opportunities. Another challenge increases in retreat from marriages as the low-income families cannot enjoy a high-quality marriage. Loopstra and Tarasuk (2013) explain that there is food and medical insecurity for these families hence more prone to a higher risk of malnutrition disorders. Lastly, low-income families cannot benefit from the economic and social privileges associated with being a member of a married or stable family. Such challenges reduce the sufficiency and reliability of the delivery of human services.

In their study Loopstra and Tarasuk (2013) elaborate that most expensive services and quality items are provided to the high-level incoming families while low-quality products and reduced services are offered to the low-income families. Additionally, the client-customer relationship is limited as indigent clients would only associate with members of the same social class. Based on these challenges, it is important for the human services professionals to identify the occurrence of classism or bias. This significantly helps the professionals to determine the mechanisms of eliminating bias or classism that create a gap between the poor and the rich (Loopstra & Tarasuk, 2013). Being aware of the bias would help the professionals to offer services that are universal to the whole population thereby ensuring fair business competition among the clients. This enhances efficiency, sufficiency, and reliability of the human services professionals.

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Loopstra, R., & Tarasuk, V. (2013). Severity of household food insecurity is sensitive to change in household income and employment status among low-income families. The Journal of nutrition, 143(8), 1316-1323.

September 21, 2021

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