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Sex trafficking is also a serious crime with serious repercussions on those caught up in it. It is a grave violation of human rights, and it is a modern-day form of slavery. Human trafficking targets its victims by using intimidation or threats to keep them under control. The whole concept of trafficking includes the recruiting of victims first, the mode of transportation, where to hold them, and controlling them to do what is necessary. Traffickers have unique requirements for the individuals or children they need. Victims are subjected to physical and mental violence at the hands of smugglers, who also have deplorable living conditions. With such a heinous atrocity there is a lot of information offered to the public about it. The way to spot such activities shares, how to avoid being a victim, stories of previous victims, and where to report just, to say the least. Various media outlets have spoken on the issues of human trafficking in efforts to create awareness and protect the public from falling prey. Consequently, it is indispensable to analyze the mediums that create awareness on human trafficking, their agendas and challenges in reporting such issues to the public, and the impact their reports have on combating or promoting human trafficking.
The media has an enormous role in the creation of awareness of in the various methods of human trafficking taking that exist in different regions of the world. The strength of media coverage is not equal globally, and for that reason, some parts of the world are not entirely aware of human trafficking and even confuse it for illegal migration. When it comes to social change, the media is the most powerful tool there is. The media can mobilize public support and active participation in tackling human trafficking. Although an instrument of communication, the media should remain considerate to the victims and survivors of human trafficking when reporting on their cases. The integrity of the people involved should remain intact, and no there is no violation of rights. Many mediums come up to report cases of human trafficking, books, newspaper articles and even videos and short films. All these mediums give the same news story but portray and emphasize different agendas and ideas in their separate reports.
According to Johnson (10) human trafficking as a human security problem, saying that the issue is majorly from on the societal and political influences that have caused a reduction in state security. The agenda and idea in this particular text show that it is the people and mostly the government who have lowered their safety standards to a point where human trafficking is thriving. Human trafficking is seen as a political issue as it involves oppressing the rights of the people creates issues of human security and the rise of non-state-based authoritarianism (Johnson 12). In the text we get to see the level of power politics and government have on combating human trafficking, the writer did not create the goals of the writing. By just writing the state of human trafficking and it remedies the goals have presented themselves in the text. Reading the information raises the concern for the government to amend their measures to combat trafficking. The book by Johnson helps communicate to people without having to be too public, making it a better way for the percentage of the public that reads political books. The message construct defines its readers are intellects, political analysts, and scholars looking for solutions and where to begin. The media helps manufacture the identities by giving ideas on who some the traffickers are, the things to expect from them in their characters and how to react by giving ideas of where to ask help. The text makes an appeal to traditions and authority and their difference in security methods.
Newspapers have written about human trafficking in recent times the New York paper wrote on the predominance of human trafficking for sex. According to Williams (par. 18), the fight against child and adult trafficking for sex is a doomed endeavor seeing as the crime is tied together with poor living standards and dysfunctional families. The article has the social agenda to sheds light on some of the fact that the offense is so dominant because many of the children involved come from foster care thus when they disappear they likely will not be looked for or get reported missing. The information is timely in the sense that this issue is still very much alive. By giving statistics that a sixty percent of children who fall victim come from African American community and seventy-seven percent of the men asking for sex from them are white, it is easier to know the predators and the prey and how to combat it. The issue raises concern in the society, and it is a matter that brings the community together against it. The statistics offered to create the identities expectations, behaviors, and reactions to such cases by stating the types of people that most likely become a prey and the predators. The newspaper makes trafficking easier to talk about in public as the primary audience is the everyday individuals who buy and read newspapers, at home at work and bus stops. The newspaper article appeals to reason, and its limitation to individuals who can only read may mean some will not get the message.
Lee (27) states that the there needs to be an understanding of the historical approaches of human traffickers to know how they have developed to modern day techniques. The book is relevant as it is popular for reference on matters of the new era of human trafficking, it raises concern for better security measures and governance, making such issues easier to discuss in public. The audience target is mostly people interested in history or law, politicians, students, researchers and readers of affairs affecting the world. The medium appeals to history with the limitation of not reaching people who do not know how to read and comprehend.
In a human trafficking documentary by Hernandez, we see the meaning of human trafficking and how victims get abused all the time (Human Trafficking Documentary). The information is relevant in this period with the rising cases of human trafficking, manufacturing concern for our children and adult friends and family to remain safe at all times and making it easy to talk about the issue in public. The audience of this video includes people who are searching for answers on human trafficking and can access the internet. In the video we see the identities to expect, behavioral traits and reactions to such cases, victims, and predators. The message appeals to emotion and reason with the only limitation in conveying this message being that anyone without the internet will not see the message.
Human trafficking is a difficult issue to publicly discuss seeing as it comes with the gruesome and inhumane handling of people. Some existing mediums prove more promising than others in their report and counter activities like the two books I referred. People are not exercising their democratic right to protection from the government and, when people talk on human trafficking, they are expressing the depth of lack of security. The concerns of people and their desires to change issues on human trafficking affect the news they receive in that they will make efforts to ensure the information received is for improvement.

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July 24, 2021

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