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Because of the increased competitiveness, companies must devise the best way to hire and attract successful workers, as well as ensuring that they have the best job design. Retaining the best staff necessitates the presence of an accomplished management team within the company. Management of an organization entails planning, overseeing, and leading the organization's resources in order to achieve the organization's goals (Donaldson, L., Qiu, & Luo,2013). The organization manager guarantees that the company is efficient and beneficial by making sound decisions and resolving disputes properly. The manager understands that the organization includes individuals with diverse educational qualifications and interests. However, the employees should be trained in such a way that they coordinate to meet the objectives of the organization. In other words, management might mean effective handling of the employees and the other organizational resources to ensure that the profitability of the organization is achieved. A good management gives employees a sense of security at their work places. It makes employees to be committed to their work as well as create a positive and peaceful atmosphere at the work place. This paper discusses the job and organizational designs that are necessary at ensuring that the Dunkin Donut store prowess in its business. The paper also outlines the most appropriate procedures that would help in ensuring that the organization recruits and retains the best employs as well as train the its employees to be the best and appraise them to work harder.

Job design

Establishing the most appropriate job design is key role of any human resource manager. An appropriate job design is able to satisfy the organizational and technological requirements. A good job design should also ensure that the personal and social necessities of individuals holding various job positions are satisfied. The nature of the job affects the attitude and behavior of employees that reflects in the performance.

Appropriate job adequately involves the various job dimensions. It includes recognition of a wide variety of skills, the tasks to be done, the significance of various tasks, the autonomy of the employees and the feedback of the potential customers (Goetsch & Davis, 2014). The employees are assigned duties depending on the skills they possess, for instance, those with financial skills are given financial duties while those of marketing skills are assigned duties of their best fit.

The job design that would be used for the organization would be job rotation majorly. Job rotation gives the employees a platform to learn new skills. The employees can comfortably do all the tasks that are required to ensure that Dunkin Donut store runs smoothly. Job rotation gives the employees the opportunity to develop new attitude and thoughts concerning the running of the organization (Goetsch & Davis, 2014). The design allows for the continuation of the activities of the organization even when some employees are absent. The strategy increases productivity as the employees can work on the environment that need more staff power. Motivational job design would also be employed alongside job rotation. Motivation has a great effect on job performance of the employees. Humans work best when they expect a reward.

Organizational design

Organizational design is a process that ensures that the non-functional parts of the organization are identified and corrected. It helps in ensuring that the business runs peacefully. Donut store needs to ensure that it reduces its operation costs, gets more profits, improve their customer satisfaction and ensuring that it gets involved in corporate social responsibility. Establishing a good business design would need meeting various organizational heads to evaluate whether the current would allow for the growth of the business or not. It also includes understanding the current design and identifies its weaknesses to help out in making the best move for the organization.

The organizational design for the Dunkin Donut store would involve using the customers feedback to establish produce the goods. The customers would be expected to give feedback to then customer support desks that would help in the regulation of the production of various goods. For instance, the customers may help in establishment of the estimate price of the products that are new to the organization. The organization needs to customers view on various products to be able to produce their preferred products. It is important to ensure that the products produced would meet the market demand. The customer approach organizational design would work best for the organization.

Recruitment and selection

Recruitment involves identifying a particular job gap within the organization and allow for the applications of various individuals. The selection process involves choosing an individual who has the best qualifications to do the work among the applicants to perform the duty. The recruitment process would involve the agreement of various heads of the Dunkin Donut store that there is a particular employment gap (Parker, 2014). Apart from the qualifications in the application forms, the applicants would have to go through an interview process which would include the organizational heads as well as the expertise in the job position. The recruitment process would include both the internal and external consideration. However, the internal recruitment would be given higher priority given that the applicant would already have experience with the rules of the organization. The job rotation and motivational job designs would highly encourage the internal recruitments (Parker, 2014). Rotational job design acquaints the employees with experience in various fields. Therefore, there is a higher probability of internal recruitment. Internal recruitment also acts as a motivation to the employees which adequately fit the job design.

Training and performance appraisal

The job designs in that would run the organization supports training and appraisal of employees. Through job rotations, employees are able to get skills that would be helpful in their career growth (Parker, 2014). The organization would also involve various experts to train the employees and provide the employees with certificates to show that they have effectively completed various courses.


In conclusion, the management of the organization defines its success. An effective job design should ensure that it adequately satisfies the needs of the employees both technologically and emotionally. An effective job design should also be practical when one wants to establish the process of training and appraisal of employees. Dunkin Donut store leaders should always be available when the establishment of organizational design and employee recruitment is necessary.


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