Mardi Gras Traditions

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Unlike other major holidays, Mardi Gras is 99 percent free of people disrobing themselves for plastic beads. Instead, locals celebrate the holiday in different ways. One way is through parades, which are organized by krewes. The official parades are the busiest, and krewes throw plastic beads and other objects to celebrate. While the largest parades are highly-publicized events, locals celebrate in other ways.


The Mardi Gras celebration is a centuries-old tradition that has its roots in French culture and Christianity. The celebration has evolved over time to become a multi-cultural spectacle involving ornate floats, colorful costumes, and big parades. It is celebrated every year between early January and Ash Wednesday in New Orleans. If you are planning to attend Mardi Gras, here are a few traditions that you should keep in mind.

Throwing beads off balconies is a Mardi Gras tradition that dates back to the 1800s. In earlier times, the king of the carnival would throw trinkets to his subjects. The tradition of throwing beads is believed to have started in the late nineteenth century when a carnival king began to throw fake jewels to his subjects. A decade later, the Rex Krewe began to throw glass Czech beads, the precursor to today's plastic beads. The practice was later replaced with "doubloons" bearing krewe names.


For the upcoming Mardi Gras celebration, you can dress up as a traditional character or choose a costume from a Mardi Gras classic. Costumes for the renowned celebration are typically colorful and often have meaning. Costumes can be clowns, jesters, kings, queens, and masked figures. Colors are also important, as some colors represent different aspects of life. For instance, purple is the color of justice and royalty, while yellow represents wealth and gold is the color of power.

Regardless of your costume choice, remember that the weather in New Orleans can be unpredictable, and that you'll be on your feet for hours. Be sure to take a few extra layers with you, and don't forget a matching jacket. If you're a fan of feathers, add some to your costume. A hat or other accessory is a great way to complete your look. Costumes for Mardi Gras celebrations can be outrageous, so think ahead to make sure yours is comfortable and appropriate for the conditions.


The celebration of Mardi Gras takes place in New Orleans, Louisiana. The Mardi Gras celebration is two weeks long, from Shrove Tuesday before Ash Wednesday to Shrove Tuesday itself. Each day of the celebration has at least one major parade. Some days will have several major parades. A great way to experience Mardi Gras is to attend a parade. Here are a few ways to celebrate Mardi Gras in New Orleans.

If you're thinking about visiting New Orleans during the Mardi Gras celebration, know that the festivities begin early on Mardi Gras Day. This is a Tuesday between February 3 and March 9 of the following year. The Zulu parade rolls first uptown, followed by the Rex. The Zulu parade ends at Canal Street, which is the border of the French Quarter. After the Rex parade, smaller parades roll down the tree-lined streets.


Mardi Gras isn't just celebrated in New Orleans. Various locations across the United States and Europe celebrate this holiday. Celebrations vary greatly, but most typically include parades, crawfish boils, and more. There are also many events in the final week of the holiday. To learn more about Mardi Gras, read on! Here are some suggestions:

Soulard: This city's yearly Mardi Gras is second only to New Orleans in size. Celebrated in reclaimed warehouses and breweries, this celebration features events for the entire family. The festival runs through Fat Tuesday, which is the day after New Orleans' big day. To learn more about this unique celebration, visit Soulard. It's worth visiting the Soulard neighborhood. There, you'll find an authentic Mardi Gras experience.


The dates for Mardi Gras celebrations vary each year. Traditionally, this festival is celebrated on the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday, a Christian holy day that begins six weeks before Easter. However, it is now celebrated in cities worldwide. In 2019, the date will fall on February 21, and in 2022, it will fall on February 21. The dates for Mardi Gras celebrations will change slightly to accommodate for the coronavirus pandemic, but they will always fall on a Tuesday.

The Mardi Gras celebration will begin early on the day of the event, which falls on any Tuesday between February 3 and March 9. The main parades will be led by the Krewe of Joan of Arc and the Krewe of the Vieux. Then, smaller parades will follow, down the tree-lined streets. After the Zulu and Rex parades, smaller groups will lead parades through the French Quarter.

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