Marijuana is a drug the is misunderstood

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Marijuana is a substance that is mistaken and is perceived to be addictive, despite the fact that it is not. The debate centers around the degree of harm to general body functionality, which has been discouraged about a thousand times in different studies. Marijuana has been stigmatized as a psychedelic drug due to unfounded claims that have overshadowed the positive aspects, such as pain relief and nausea relief. A 2003 research by Robert J. DeLorenzo demonstrated that marijuana can be used to suppress epileptic seizures in laboratory studies on rats. The drug has a vital chemical called cannabinoids and tetrahydrocannabinol that bind the brain receptors responsible for regulating relaxation and excitability control. The chemical THC has also been proven to slow down the Alzheimer_x0092_s disease and stop cancer from spreading. Molecular pharmaceutics reported that THC hinders the formation of the amyloid plaques through blocking the brain_x0092_s enzyme that manufactures them. The Journal article reported that, _x0093_Plaques kill brain calls hence causing Alzheimer_x0092_s. Cannabidiol also prevents the spread of cancer through controlling the Id-1 gene_x0094_.

Marijuana is also reported to reduce stress and promote extra creativity through the release of dopamine in the brain and at the same time reducing inhibitions. The increased creativity is evident when considering the case of Barbara who went for a job interview at Wal-Mart. Readers are made aware that she used to smoke Marijuana through the idea of detoxification to reduce its content. If the drug is bad like a majority of people believe, Barbara could not be thinking up and seeking other employment opportunities elsewhere like at the Menards company. Besides, Barbara_x0092_s case proves that Marijuana cannot cause impaired thinking as she is rationally capable of evaluating other social issues that cause inequality. For example, she was able to note and get an explanation of a phenomenon in low-wage workers are perceived as inadequate, often treated with distrust and suspicion. She further argued that _x0093_There are no secret economies nourishing the poor._x0094_ If Marijuana indeed causes harm to the body, we would not expect Barbara to be a successful journalist who is capable engaging in the normal life routines.

Convincingly, the intake of Marijuana should not be taken as causing harm to a person and should indeed be legalized. Those who attribute crime to the intake of the drug tend to make irrational conclusions because the drug does not necessary drive one into deviant behavior such as juvenile delinquency among other social upheavals. It is therefore not as bad as terrorism amongst other crimes. Just like brought out in Barbara_x0092_s case, Marijuana intake has made her to be more focused and determined to secure a job somewhere although odds may not be favoring him.


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Ehrenreich, Barbara. "Serving In Florida", 2012. http://Downloads\Documents\Nickel-and Dimed-Barbara-Ehrenreich.pdf.

October 19, 2022

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