Marriage of the Same Gender

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Marriage is about more than a couple's promise to love each other. One of the most fundamental human rights is the right to marry. There have been differing perspectives on happiness and what constitutes a normal marriage. The definitions of happiness and marriage, like people's opinions on it, have evolved over time. It is undeniable that same-gender marriage is gaining traction around the world. The institution of heterosexual marriage has not been harmed by same-gender marriage. Marriages between people of the same gender do not reduce the chances of having a successful child. The theme of same sex marriage will be dissected in this paper, and its assumptions, principles, values, and context will be laid out. It will also describe the implications of the same-gender marriage, and discuss whether the consequences contradict the idea.

Many Christians argue that the sole reason of marriage is procreation. This cannot be true in a case where one, or both of the partners are infertile. The same situation also happens in the same gender marriages. Gay or lesbian couples and infertile couples underscore the fact that the reason for marriage is more than just procreation. The Catholic Church has added a purpose of unity to that of procreation in marriage. Same gender marriages also provide unity among couples like heterosexual marriages. According to Spilsbury, denying a citizen the right to the marriage of his or her choice is discriminatory, and it is discrimination that has been fought in the history of the world (12). Discrimination against same-gender marriage couples labels them as second-class and deprives them of equal dignity, thereby rendering them unworthy to participate in the society’s most fundamental institution-marriage (Spilsbury, 12).

Spilsbury notes that the federal law provides over 1,138 rights, benefits, and protections for married couples (16). Heterosexuals have access to these rights, benefits, and protections and the same-gender married couple ought to access them; otherwise, it would be discrimination against a minority group with an immutable characteristic. Besides, the Due Process Clause provides that one of the liberties it protects is that of personal choice when it comes to the family and married life. In this light, it is unconstitutional to deprive any citizen of their property, liberty or life without due process of the law. According to the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment, nobody shall be denied the equal protection of the laws. In the selection of civil rights’ list of The White House is same-sex marriage (Spilsbury, 16).

According to Spilsbury, over time, the concept of the traditional marriage has changed (18). In this way, it will be historically inaccurate to define marriage as between one woman and one man. Accordingly, the purposes of marriage have changed over time, and it is time same-gender marriage should be recognized and even promoted. In early history, beauty, love, and excellence were the primary considerations in same-gender marriages. It was an equal right and not a privilege. A privilege, back then, would be an exemption from paying tax just like churches. Spilsbury also suggest that the long-held view that sex is only for procreation needs to be redefined (19).

Marriage, as a successful institution, is revolving. For this reason, it should be open to as many people as possible so long as it works (Spilsbury, 20). Ever since the beginning of history, marriage has helped individuals to bind themselves to a couple and solemnly seal their love. Opening this institution to the whole society will only strengthen it. The legalization of the same-gender marriages will recognize the reality that exists on the ground. Plainly speaking, people of age who want to get married should not be hindered by gender, race, social status or religion. The statement equal rights should be balanced should remain the same. The world today is civilized, and there need not be discrimination based on religion, social status, gender or race (Spilsbury, 29). In this regard, same-sex marriage should be infused to the society. Same-sex marriages do not affect any single aspect of heterosexual marriage either directly or indirectly. This implies that the existence of same-gender marriages does not, in any way, affect the legal rights and benefits of heterosexual marriage. In fact, ever since the legalization of same-gender marriage in many places of the world, the rates of divorce have significantly declined (Spilsbury, 29).

Hendrik Hertzberg once said that marriage should not be between gender and gender but between a spouse and a spouse. Same-gender marriage reduces the rate of divorce. In America, there is a divorce rate of over 50%. The United States has one of the highest rates of divorce when compared to other countries. Same gender marriages will reduce the divorce rates since there will not be such reasons of divorce as infertility and incompatibility that we hear every day (Spilsbury, 40).

However, some other people have argued on the implications of same-gender marriages. Among the implications are the adverse health outcomes and compromised their health care delivery. In addition, it is apparent that the same gender marriage group suffers from “minority stress” due to the societal prejudice heterosexual world subjects them to. This societal prejudice results in adverse mental effects which subsequently affects their lives, altogether. The larger society has also directed a negative attitude towards the same gender marriages, raising questions about the existence of their being (Spilsbury, 42). The anti-gay bullying, for instance, has led to increased teen suicides. Elsewhere, the same sex minority groups have become subjects of demeaning and ridicule. There has also been a misinterpretation of the 1996 Defense of the Marriage Act to be attaching a lesser value to same-gender marriages. However, these implications do not seem to be affecting the whole idea of same-gender marriage. This is because the state and federal laws have conferred improved and indiscriminate access to health care. In this way, the effects of this stigma on the same-gender sexual minority group have been attenuated significantly (Spilsbury, 42).

In conclusion, the convictions on the issue of same-gender marriage vary from one person to another over time. However, I believe there is a plethora of ways that same-gender marriage benefits the people of America. It is no doubt same-gender marriage has been legalized in many states. The Declaration of Independence clearly spells out that marriage is not only a right but also a freedom of expression to all the citizens of the United States. In this light, marriage should not be restricted only to a particular group of people. Instead, it should be understood as a right in the journey of the pursuit of happiness. People always have the right to choose different other aspects as careers, houses and cars, and this freedom of choice should be allowed in marriage. It is no doubt the same gender marriage is slowly gaining a foothold in the world. I agree that, regardless of the sexual orientation of couples, the health benefits conferred by legalized unions are equally of significance. In addition, the same gender marriage has not adversely affected the heterosexual marriage institution. Moreover, same-gender marriages do not diminish the prospect of successful parenting. I always observe children raised by same-gender married couples comparing favorably with their other counterparts. For this reason, there is a need to redefine marriage to permit same-gender marriages all over the world.

Work Cited

Spilsbury, Louise. Same Sex Marriage. , 2013. Print.

July 24, 2021

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