Me Myself And I Movie Review

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If you want to know what the movie ME, MYSELF & IRENE is about, you need to be prepared for a lot of foul language. The Farrelly brothers are known for hanging filth on otherwise nice stories. They do not hold back in this case, as ME, MYSELF & IRENE is chock-full of foul language, sodomy gags, racist jokes, and sex toys. This film is a sex-fest, and the farrelly brothers have a history of dropping the bar with their movies.

Strong language

Me Myself And I contains strong language, sexual references, and scenes that may not be appropriate for everyone. Many characters use alcohol and smoke to mask their loneliness and fear. One character attempts suicide. There are also several instances of profanity. While the film has a good message, it may not be appropriate for younger viewers. Read on for more information. Here are some of the most disturbing moments of the movie:

Sexual references

Me, Myself, and I contains strong language and several sexual references, including kissing scenes and an obscene scene. The characters drink to mask loneliness and fear. One character even attempts suicide. This movie is not appropriate for very young children. But it is rated R for mature content, and contains numerous examples of sexual innuendo. If you're looking for a movie to enjoy with your kids, read the Parents' Guide to What's In This Movie first.

The film contains 56 uses of the "f" word, as well as many colorful phrases and expletives. There's a lot of implied sex and masturbation, as well as a dildo sight gag and comments about dildo use. There's also brief nudity, but it's not explicit. But for those who like to laugh, it's worth checking out.

Sexual situations

Me Myself and I contains strong language, sexual situations, and references. There are kissing scenes and references to anal sex. There is also an occasional phallic object. One character even attempts suicide. Parents may want to check the Parent's Guide to What's in This Movie before watching this movie. It has several sexual situations, but they are mainly intended to be humorous. Sexual material includes implied sex, masturbation, and repeated sightings of a large dildo. There are also brief instances of nudity.


Despite the title, this film is anything but twee. The film is chock-full of life lessons. First, adultery is the worst crime of all. Secondly, the perpetrator of adultery always hurts someone. And third, if you commit adultery, you look like a jerk. Thankfully, the film also highlights atonement as a viable option.

The story follows a woman, Jenna, who works at a pie shop while she saves money to leave her abusive husband. When her husband discovers her plans, she is terrified he will find out. But one day, he surprises her, and she tries to hide the news. But then she finds out she is pregnant. While she struggles to keep a secret from her husband, she is able to pass down lessons from her environment to her unborn child.

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