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Measurements and Sighting in Design

Sighting as a way of visual design refers to the size of objects or figures in a visual way. It is, often, used to gauge the relative scale of objects and decide their approximate angle. It also helps in growing realistic drawings with splendid accuracy. In this regard, sighting techniques can be used for three kinds of measuring including implied and true angles, horizontal or vertical alignment, and for subject proportions. A sighting stick is a primary tool in sighting, and it is necessary to select a skinny one because the thinner the tool, the lesser the difficulty an individual will cowl up while measuring. Additionally, when it comes to length, 12 inches is a true starting point. It is additionally vital to observe the following guidelines when sighting. First, individuals should keep their sighting sticks at a uniform distance from their bodies for consistency in measurements. Secondly, it is advisable to close one eye when measuring objects to eliminate the illusion of seeing double visions. Lastly, artists should ensure that they hold their sighting sticks parallel to their bodies, and rotate their wrists to the left and right until their sticks align with their subjects for accuracy.
Artists use different arrangements of lines to communicate certain messages through their drawings. As a result, lines can be used to express emotions and states of mind through their characters and direction. Horizontal lines are, often used to suggest a feeling of repose or rest. On the other hand, vertical lines communicate a feeling of spirituality or loftiness. An imagery clock, on the other hand, can be used in sighting to help in analyzing angles since some observed angles are more apparent than others. In this case, the imagery clock can help in providing greater accuracy when drawing obvious or implied angles.

August 09, 2021






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