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The philosophy of mannerisms and the psyche is referred to as psychology. It includes elements of both conscious and unconscious perception and thought. Psychology is a psychological science that seeks to explain people, both personally and in groups. Professionals who work in this area are known as psychologists (Rodriguez, 2001). They study mental functions and how they affect behavior in both people and culture, while also discovering biological and physiological mechanisms that impact mental behaviors and functions. Psychology, in essence, can help us understand how and why they respond the way they do, as well as the impact it has on people and culture. whereas While psychology seeks to understand human behavior, psychologists look to understand all the factors that influence human behavior and thought that range from societal pressures to biological influences. Psychology is a development of both philosophy and biology, and it dates back to ancient Greek and has the inclusion of great minds such as Socrates and Aristotle (Rowan, 2003). The word in itself is derived from a Greek word psyche that means breath or life. The first psychology practice, however, came to be in 1879 in Germany and was established when Wilhelm Wundt created the first psychology lab. His main focus was on the structures that make the mind that solely relied on analysis of feelings and sensations through the use of self-examination. With time more ideas and thoughts have been added, and with each addition, we can understand the human mind and behavior a little bit more.

One of the major problems in the field of psychology is Gender Dysphoria, formerly known as gender identity disorder. The change in the DSM-5 separates children, adolescents, and adult_x0092_s inappropriate way by developmental stages. Gender Dysphoria refers to a feeling that an individual is not at ease with the gender, which corresponds with the sex that they were naturally born. The feeling usually has several degrees, which result in behavioral differences. These variations in Dysphoria degree are usually used to elucidate the observed behaviors of persons who show changes in their gender expression from what the society expected from their birth sex. One of the key impacts of the shift is the stigma reduction whereby the language is changed from disorder to Dysphoria, which acts as a step toward depathologizing individuals who are transgendered. Consequently, transgender individuals trying to seek hormonal or surgical treatment are currently forced to rely on gender identity disorder diagnosis to access necessary treatment. Despite the stigmatizing, the diagnosis may be, when it comes to transgendered people seeking medical care, it is always a challenge since the change in language does not favor them as the previous gender identity disorder.

According to the DSM-IV description, for a state to be referred to as a disorder, it has to show that the individual is dysfunctional. Thus, for Gender Identity Disorder to be generally considered as a disorder as per the definition of DSM-IV, it has to be determined that cross-sex/gender behaviors represent a psychological, biological, or behavioral dysfunction in the individual. The application of the term _x0093_dysfunction_x0094_ creates a lot of confusion since its concept is wide open to interpretation because no definition is given to contradicting term in DSM-IV that transgender people still use to seek medical treatment like surgery. The aim of this research paper is to answer whether Gender Identity Disorder is simply a defiant or an actual conflict between the transgendered people and the society. In this scholarly paper, Gender Identity Disorder will be broadly discussed from literature review, research paper, and a clear conclusion of the issue is wrapped up in a lucid manner and how it does not create conflict between the transgendered individuals and the society.

I plan to discuss how it is improbable that discomfort with a person_x0092_s biological sex actually represents a conflict between the society and them in the research paper. Generally, discomfort with sex of people shows an underlying apprehension with how they experience their actual biological make-up.

I also plan to provide thorough research, evidence, and analysis that bring out the clarity of my thesis by using appropriate examples too. My hope is to my points clear and logical from the literature review to the body paragraphs of the research paper.

My search for sources about my project was lengthy since I had to only use scholarly sources despite some materials having good information but they were not appropriate. I managed to get the information I needed regarding my topic mental health/ Psychology whereby among the issues that it had, I picked Gender Dysphoria.

Since my main aim was to find out whether to Gender Identity Disorder is simply a defiant or an actual conflict between the transgendered people and the society, I tried to look for a book, which would carry all that information. Rowan (2003) presents details and explanations of transgendered individuals under the Gender Dysphoria. It also explains how the society relates with individuals due to their sex. The author also has highlighted all the issues that are related to mental health.

John (2013) also provides complete accounts of mental illnesses including relationship and social causes. He further challenges individual_x0092_s preconceptions regarding what they think concerning mental health.

Jaclyn (2001) elucidates the core concepts of cognitive psychology, behaviorism, and psychoanalytic psychology and also diagnoses tests, notable individuals, disorders and their treatments. She also discusses various essays in her book and other issues like emotional intelligence, genetics, multiple intelligence, and social support.

Eysenck (2000) discusses how the traditional approaches are combined with the cognotive neuroscience approach cutting edge to bring out a comprehensive current main field in cognitive psychology. He covers broad topics from language, perception, and many other topics that we normally apply in our daily lives.

Debra (2012) demystifies the probable link that exists between psychology as a discipline and the real world psychology. She structures her book into rooms, which have a general overview of the major concepts of psychology that are applicable in different situations. She also provides a number of case studies that talks about psychologists input and it impacts.

Literature Review

Four out of the five sources used in this research paper explains how it is implausible that discomfort with a group of individual_x0092_s biological sex per se represents a conflict between them and the society. Generally, discomfort with a person_x0092_s sex indicates an underlying agitation with how the person experiences his or her actual biological make up (Rowan, 2003). John (2013) also points out that such discomfort among people would are mostly likely to exist despite the Gender Identity Disorder 42 societal openness surrounding gender role expression degree. Eysenck (2000) also explains various traditional approaches that the society undergoes and the importance of social relations in a family, which embraces their members who are transgendered. Jaclyn (2001) uses ethical and moral issues to explain the importance of social support in the society thus implying how it is unlikely for a person_x0092_s biological sex per se to bring discomfort in the society. However, Debra (2012) differs with the four authors and points out that any behavior pattern, which is generally marked to be different from the accepted standards within a society always, will bring a discomfort in the society.

Research Paper

What causes people to be born as transgender? From my understanding, this is the most recurrent question of any individual or group. In short, no one knows for sure what causes transgender. However, there are some theoretical frameworks, which have been researched, developed, and tested over the previous years. The psychology and medical professions are the main sources of the findings of many researches that deal with transgender issues. They have employed the term Gender Dysphoria to separate children, adolescents, and adults in appropriate way by developmental stages. However, the term does not suit transgender people especially in the medical treatment thus the use of the previous DSM-IV Gender Identity Disorder. This research paper explores the field of psychology. It looks at the issue of Gender Dysphoria that we explore in psychology and the impact that psychology plays in ensuring that human behavior is at its best and that society functions at its best. It will also address the importance of psychology in the day to day lives of people and how psychology actually helps improve mental health and human behavior in society.

Psychology refers to the science of mannerisms and mind. It encompasses aspects of cognizant and unconscious understanding and thinking. In training, psychology is a social science designed to understand people, both individually and groups. Professionals that work under this discipline are called psychologists (Jaclyn, 2001). They work to understand mental functions and how they affect behavior in both individuals and society at the same time discovering biological and physiological processes that influence mental behaviors and functions. This paper explains how it is implausible that discomfort within a group of individual_x0092_s biological sex per se represents a conflict between them and the society.

Applied psychology uses emotional means and findings in the scientific psychology to resolve problems in human and animals that are practical (Rowan, 2003). For example in the society, applied psychology through the help of therapists help transgender people and the society to come together and fight stigmatization through counseling, clinical services, and educational. Applied psychology help in curbing any form of discomfort, which might exist between the individuals and the society through counseling services that make the transgendered people feel welcomed and not discriminated in the society.

Theoretical psychology on the other hand focuses on the theory and philosophy aspects of psychology. This field focuses on the combination and incorporation of theories that are in existence and those that develop with time in the field of psychology. These theories are reached without any experimentation or confirmation through testing (Jaclyn, 2001). This discipline came from philosophy of science which bases its ideas on logic and rationale. This discipline comes from philosophy which focuses on understanding nature and organization of concepts. It tries to explain that there is nothing wrong with transgenderism and nature selected them to be the way they are thus removing the discomfort that surrounds transgender people in the society. This type of psychology is grounded scientifically in ideas of what is known through epistemology. It plays an important yet unique role in the field of psychology in that any claim made in regards to human thinking, behavior and actions can be verified as true if these acts are appealing in theory and empirically reinforced by research.

Psychology also utilizes scientific means to predict, understand and explain human behavior (John, 2013). By saying that they use scientific measures it means that the studies have a well-organized structure that starts with a hypothesis which is then empirically tested. Modern researchers use a variety of scientific methods in the study of human behavior that include co relational studies, longitudinal studies and experiments. This has been the case since psychologists began to move away from philosophical aspects to determine human behavior. For example, it explains that behavior of transsexuals like men carrying out all the female duties and females doing vice versa is as a result of how they were brought up. A man brought up in a family where females are the majority will tend to adapt and copy their behaviors.

Cognitive psychology studies the thought process and perceptions of humans. This branch of psychology looks into aspects such as opinion, attention, memory, language acquirement, problem-solving and decision making processes in the test subject. This means that factors such as attention span and memory retention have an effect on mental health and human behavior (Eysenck, 2000). The thought process in humans is dependent on their ability to understand their situation and surrounding and as such cognitive psychology aims at looking into how these affect human behavior. Comparative psychology is the study of animal behavior. Through the understanding of animal behavior, the medics are able to in a way understand human behavior. This type of psychology leads to a deep and broad understanding of human behavior as it compares human reactions to situations and events to how animals react to the same. Through the positive perceptions of transgendered people, stigmatization definitely reduces.

Clinical psychology seeks to study and apply psychology in understanding, preventing and treating mental health problems and also promote healthy well-being of individuals and foster proper personal growth (Eysenck, 2000). Clinical psychology focuses on psychological assessment and psychotherapy. This means that this form of psychology looks at factors that influence human behavior by looking at an individual_x0092_s life and their surroundings. For example, through clinical counseling and medical treatments like surgeries, transgendered person can either become a man or a woman thus boosting their social interaction in the society.

Social psychology is a branch of psychology that looks into understanding societal behavior and social influences and how they influence social and individual behavior. Social psychology looks at approaches, anger, prejudices, and conformity that influence individual behavior in social settings (Debra, 2012). This discipline focuses on the input of individual attributes of mind and behavior to the actions of a society. Debra (2012) illustrates how transgendered people behaviors are mostly influenced by the approaches and anger thus bringing a sense of discomfort in the society. Does Debra (2012) counter argument using the social psychology that transgendered people sex behavior bring discomfort to the society? No, a transgendered individual social setting may be influenced by factors like anger and sometimes love. However, we are all humans; all of us experience the same feelings that transgendered people also do. Even though, the authors book is very interesting and educative; however, her statement disqualifies the source point that transsexual bring discomfort to the society.

The field of mental health is one of the most interesting fields in the education sector. Through psychology, medics and psychologists are able to diagnose conditions that could not be detected by anyone thus providing treatment to the victims. Through it branches, one of the issue that fall under it, Gender Dysphoria, the challenges it encompasses are able to be discussed. The condition involves a lot of stigmatization in the society thus through the discussions from the psychology branches, it is clear that Gender Identity Disorder does not create conflict between the transgendered individuals and the society.

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