Metaphysics: The Concept of a Necessary Link

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In philosophy, the concepts of power and essential relation are classified as metaphysics. The philosophy of essential relation, according to Hume, is extremely complicated, making it mysterious and uncertain. As a result, Hume attempts to clear up this ambiguity by describing the concept of power and the necessity of relation (Cann 223). The interpretation of the principles will assist people of reaching new heights in philosophical thinking.
People, according to Hume, only remember what they have seen (Cann 223). As a result of Hume's line of reasoning, it is unlikely for people to think of something they haven't felt, either internally or externally. In trying to analyze this idea, Hume examines its impression and searches different sources where it is possibly derived (Cann 224). He notes that no cause and effect can bring the thought of necessary connection or power. The thinking behind this is the fact that even when one tries to understand how bodies work; they can never be able to discover power or effect behind their functioning. The only thing which can be discovered s the occurrence of an event after another. It is at this point that Hume notes that the connection between two events seems imaginable to humans. Events occur after others, but the link between them cannot be discovered. The events seem joined in some way, but the connection between them cannot be identified.

While exploring the idea of necessary connection further, Hume points out that the occurrence of a single event cannot be used to judge the course of nature. However, in cases where a particular event always leads to the occurrence of the other, it will be justified to apply the logic that a certain event leads to the other. In analyzing the two events, Hume calls one the cause while brands the other as the effect (Cann 225). In such a case the two events have some connection. One event depends on the occurrence of the other therefore one has the power to cause the other.

According to Hume the idea of Necessary connection or power is established on the basis of the human mind’s behavior. The mind assumes that if a certain event occurs, one should expect for the other to happen. Therefore connection is as a result of imagination hence it is the ideology developed in our thinking (Cann 226). Hume notes that the idea of necessary connection is vital since it is normally applied to control future by altering the cause. To bring out a clear understanding of necessary connection Hume defines a cause as “Object followed by another and where all objects which are the same to the first are followed by objects similar to the second” (Cann 226). In consideration to the state of mind Hume also defines cause as the occurrence of an event followed by other and whose happening makes one think of the other (Cann 226). Hume opines that it is important to only offer simple explanations on the idea of necessary connection since complicated explanations will render the idea Obscure and intricate (Cann 227).

In a nutshell, Hume offers a simple explanation to the idea of necessary connection for easy understanding. The general knowledge derived from the explanations by Hume is that necessary connection is a complex idea. However, he offers a simple explanation noting that necessary connection is as a result of imagination by humans. The thought that the occurrence of an individual event leads to the other is developed hence the idea of necessary connection.

Work Cited

Cann, S. Exploring Philosophy: An Introductory Anthology (4th Edition). New York, Oxford University Press.2011. Print.

October 26, 2021

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