Mission Statements and Vision of Apple

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Apple is an electronics company that's a unique market model that has brought success over the years. An evaluation of the meaning of its vision and mission statement is carried out in this article.
The company's current goal is to develop Macs, computers, OS X and other electronics through the combination of technology and creativity to suit the consumer's taste. It further notes that the groundbreaking iPhones and digital music innovation of mobile devices focuses on achieving its objectives of shaping the future of mobile media and personal computer systems. The company is a leader in the digital music revolution through its iTunes online stores and iPods (Pratap, 2017).

Company’s vision statement

The company believes that it is the face of the earth by making high-quality products meant for various targeted consumers and that the technologies behind the products are in full possession of the firm (Pratap, 2017). The firm, through its innovative ideologies, settles for nothing less than excellence and integrity is a key pillar in the company’s success. The collaboration of the company’s different groups is also instrumental in the firm’s increased performance.

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Roles of the vision and mission statements

The mission and vision statements play a critical role in Apple’s business operations. The vision statement, for instance, covers various goals and objectives that the company has to meet in its everyday activities. Integrity, production of high-quality products that meet consumer needs and settling for nothing less than the best are some of the factors that have strengthened the company’s brand and increased its consumer base (Pratap, 2017). Customer loyalty to the company has over the years grown significantly, and this has been attributed to the company’s believe of being the face of the earth and producing products that are appealing to different types of demographics in the market. The recent launching of iPhone X is a perfect confirmation of the firm’s alignment to its set vision and mission statements. The company’s reputation has also improved immensely over the years, implying that it sticks to its goals and objectives.

Guidance of mission and vision statement to an employee

As an employee of the Apple Company, the vision and mission statement are an instrumental part in my daily task handling. For instance, while conducting my duty, I ensure that I adhere to the set ethics stipulated in the vision statement. I also ensure that I maintain a good relationship with not only my colleagues but also the consumers of the company. This, I believe is an instrumental factor in enhancing the company’s brand image and reputation. During departmental meetings, I also contribute to the discussion by raising innovative ideas that can help in bolstering the firm’s market share and its competitiveness over the rival companies.

Effect of lack of a mission statement

A mission statement is a vital component of any organization. If Apple Corporation did not have a mission statement, then it would have been faced with challenges of satisfying its consumers with products that meet their tastes and preferences. Additionally, the company would have struggled with the aggressive competition that has over the years been on the rise, implying that its quest for enjoying a significant market share may be marred with barriers.

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From the above argument, it is clear that every organization require a vision and mission statement that can guide it towards success. This is evident in the case of Apple Corporation that has enjoyed sustainable growth over the years.


Pratap, A. (2017). Apple Mission and Vision Statements: An analysis. cheshnotes. Retrieved 25 September 2017, from https://www.cheshnotes.com/2016/12/apple-mission-and-vision-statements-an-analysis/

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