Mobile Technology Convergence

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Technological convergence is the process through which new forms of media and applications are generated through the convergence of existing technologies. Various technical systems evolve from time to time. For example, new devices may offer additional capabilities such as the capacity to play various forms of media, improvements to user interface, and the ability to link one device with several devices to conduct a single command as a system rather than as a single device.

Handheld devices, such as mobile cellphones, offer the capabilities of previously utilized communication media, such as digital cameras, text messaging systems, personal music players, high-end video recording systems, and e-mail, which previously required a computer. all within a single electronic piece of equipment. The applications demand mobile technologies, for instance, the iPhone, and other emerging brands of smartphones with the ability to perform various commands at the same time is increasing.

Although this kind of technology provides a platform for development and connectivity, it poses various threats. In most organizations, these mobile devices are connected to their systems and WIFI so that, people can be able to access their digital working platforms while on the move. Some of the potential threats to this technology convergence include a high possibility of getting stolen which can compromises organization systems as the level of protection in some of these devices are low.

Although there is a growing demand for technologies, managing workforce with a plethora of mobile devices comes with challenges. Chung, Yoo, and Kim (2014) observed that with the increase in mobile devices uses in many organizations, security has become a major challenge and IT department have to evolve and provide more mobile and smartphone-based security. Other challenges include developing working mobile device management systems that the workforce can adapt to easily. Many organizations are able to utilize such challenges in expanding their market through mobile-based technologies. Others are able to develop mobile devices use management systems which must be strictly followed by their employees so as to protect themselves from the growing and possibilities of being hacked

The Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is responsible to secure digital information and infrastructure by creating and enforcing sound security systems to protect organizational systems. They safeguard the integrity of the information technology, infrastructure through physical and software solutions like firewalls. They must also make sure that procedures are set forth which must be followed when dealing with proprietary and sensitive information to prevent it from falling into the hands of the competitors. They are involved in privacy and prevention of fraud through the creation of procedures for dealing with and preventing fraud.


Chung, K. Y., Yoo, J., & Kim, K. J. (2014). Recent trends on mobile computing and future networks.

May 17, 2023

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