Moral Disorder

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Margaret Atwood's work Moral Disorder exemplified exceptional literary imagination. This collection of short stories depicts a variety of characters as they appear in numerous contexts. It is worth remembering that the author writes from a personal perspective while still commenting on the lives of many other individuals. Her dissertation is heavily influenced by her experiences growing up in developing social settings. Despite the fact that another character is included in the writing, the subsequent events and experiences depict the difficulties of transitioning from adolescence to adulthood. In reality, the stories capture a given family's suffering over a 60-year period. While many people like chronological realities, Atwood provides a shift in narrative presentation and message delivery. She uses emotional truth to emphasize the role of moral support in personal development. As the stories explains, a young girl growing to adulthood encounters social roadblocks from a disconnected family, romantic disappointment and have accept the reality of standing up for oneself at adulthood.

The book explores the increasing social dynamism that characterizes modern society. The main character_x0092_s life is observed from childhood in 1930s to adulthood in 1960s. However, the radical changes in social fabric of the society into the present day keep the author wondering. The story is therefore a focused on how relationships shape life. The overriding themes in the story include complex passion for marriage, loss of parents and joy of getting a newborn. The diction and other literary tools used display the narrative gift and unique style of Atwood. The presentation is funny, incisive, personal and touching to any audience. Moral Disorder has invaluable lessons to life and will likely outlive many generations to come.

Work cited

Atwood, Margaret. Moral Disorder: A Story from the Collection Moral Disorder and Other Stories. New York [New York: Vintage Books, 2007. Internet resource.

October 25, 2022

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