Movie Summary of "Good Company"

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First Thread
Dan Foreman is a major character in the 2004 movie In Good Company. He was the head of a sales department where used his personal selling skills and relationship development. He was kind, seasoned and intelligent. He had two daughters and a wife which he sought to take care of as a family man. In his ideals he was an old-fashioned man living in a contemporary world. He was comfortable and happy with his job until later where he felt threatened. If I were in the position that Dan was where my job was threatened by a younger person that also happens to be attracted to my daughter, I would differentiate issues and solve them separately. Often we find ourselves in such situations in the workplaces. I once got attracted to my senior colleague’s child.
Second Thread
Many things are happening within organizations. One of the things is the workforce is switching jobs at a high rate, causing fear among many human capital professionals. This trend is being filtered into the university system too where students are transferring from one institution to another like never before. Students transfer for many reasons other than academic reasons. Even though no place is perfect, students keep transferring to find the best place that they are comfortable and easy learning in. The same translates to when to the job market, people want to work where they feel they are comfortable and convenient working in.

Third Thread
Organizational culture involves the shared beliefs, values and the assumptions that control how persons in a given organization behave. One of the cultures I have experienced is dressing as an organizational culture that required all the people to have official dress code while at work on all the working days. Having a dress code is a good organization culture and made the workers look presentable however the employees felt on maybe Fridays they should be allowed to come to work in semi-casual dressing where some can come in polo shirts, rubbers and jeans as one wishes.
Fourth Thread
It looks like many managers at startups are set up situations that they ought not be in and this is what is happening at Uber. Following the wave of controversies that rocked the chief executive officer, it would be right to conclude that he is not a leader. His statement alluded to the same when he stated that he needed to be a better leader. Leaders should steer organizations into the right direction as the head and avoid issues that might bring down the company’s reputation.

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