Music Styles and History in the US

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Music history in America includes many genres such as popular, classical and folk music. As more immigrants arrive into the country, they came with their native instruments and style of music. This report focuses on the regions of the United States and their unique styles of music.
Many towns and cities in the USA have music scenes that support regional musical styles (Olsen, Dale, Daniel & Sheehy, 42). The Louisiana music, also known as the Cajun, is mainstream in Southern Louisiana, New Orleans and North Louisiana. At the Appalachian Mountains at the East Coast of the United States, there is a diverse collection of folk music which includes bluegrass, honky tout , and jug bands. Musicians such as Muddy Waters introduced the Delta Blues which is chiefly played with acoustics from Mississippi to the Northern cities such as Chicago. Country music was developed and is common in the South with roots from folk, spiritual and blues genres. Bristol, Tennessee has been formally recognized by the Congress as the birthplace of this kind. Jazz music originated from New Orleans but has spread to Chicago, Kansas City and Baltimore through pivotal musicians such as Louis Armstrong. The hip-hop originated and spread in New York City and the Bronx through notable musicians such as Moe Dee and Kurtis Blow. It is comprised of rhythmic and rhyming speeches usually chanted.
In conclusion, music in the United States depicts multi-ethnic diversity and influenced by West African, Scottish, Irish and European origins. Therefore this kind of diversity bridges and promotes peaceful coexistence.
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Olsen, Dale A., and Daniel E. Sheehy, eds. The Garland Encyclopedia of World Music: South America, Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean. Routledge, 2017.

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