My Experience at Kings University

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When I first joined Kings University, I expected life to be full of fun and a lot of freedom. I had heard a lot of stories previously while still in high school, that all that campus boys do is sleeping and going for parties with their girlfriends. I was made to believe this notion during my first experience at a major university as I saw students carrying themselves like people with total autonomy over their lives. I was impressed and I couldn’t wait for the day I would step my feet in such institutions without much restrictions, since this was all I desired. However, this was not the case at Kings University; this was a typical learning institution that provided a platform for student to grow academically, morally and spiritually. I realized all I had heard from friends were just misconceptions as university life is essential in shaping one's career and at the same time a very critical stage of learning as it prepares us for our future careers. I use to wake up early and study and also have fun although not as much as I had expected earlier.

During admission, I despised the institution primarily due to its small size. Throughout my high school life, I always dreamt of joining the famous international universities in the country like Harvard and Yale because they had a lot of facilities and a big student population. I believed they were better because one would be able to create more connections in such environment and at the same time accessible to many opportunities. On the contrary, regardless of its small size Kings University had a lot to offer, and I am very proud to have joined the institution. The classes here are indeed small, but this is beneficial to students as it enhances interaction with professors and even fellow student. Due to my passion for mass communication, I pursued a Bachelor of Science in communication

About the institution

The Kings University was established in 1867 with a mission of instilling Christian teachings and building an academic community where there is the exploration of faith. The institution integrates religion, culture, and learning to achieve its mission. The learning institution aims at modeling students to be morally upright, thoughtful and responsible citizens while using their professional lives to serve God, the church and the entire society (Brubaker, 2017). It is mandatory that all students at the Kings University study at least one religious unit each academic year, this is necessary as it helps in developing the spiritual well being of the students.

The spiritual growth I attained at Kings University is one of the best things to ever happen in my academic life. Since our college subscribed to the Christian doctrine, it condemned alcoholism, drug addiction, and promiscuity which might have acted as a hindrance to my learning. The strict actions were a great deal for me because I was able to concentrate on my studies and plan my time efficiently and thoroughly (Trevino & Nelson, 2016). The institution taught me the importance of being a law-abiding citizen as well as imparting a virtue of honesty in me. I have learned that everything one does in his or her life has repercussions. No one has rights to seek benefits at the peril of other people as such activities may seem beneficial in the short term but their impacts, in the long run, are costly. The need for ethical conduct is emphasized by biblical stories such as Levi who was a shrewd tax man that later had to pay four times of what he had stolen from people.

Agent of Change

The knowledge I gained at the Kings University has not only shaped my career life but also made me an agent of change. I would be able to change others by sharing the Christian teachings I acquired. These Christian teachings form the basis on which the laws of the country are enacted, and one who is conversant and obeys the Christian rules will automatically be a good citizen since he or she will always do what is right as there exist no contradictions between the two (Tawney, 2017) In the bible Jesus Christ reminds his followers that they have an obligation of giving Caesar what belonged to Caesar, this meant that as much as they were believers, they still needed to obey the law by paying tax to the government.

Before joining this institution, all I cared for was having fun and living a good life, but later I came to realize the importance of leading life inspired by the Christian teachings. There a lot of people out there who are still in the dark like I was before because of lack of knowledge. With the communication skills I have learned I am going to guide my co-workers to start conducting their affairs in an ethical, professional and moral manner as per Christian teachings.

Brubaker noted that the aspect of success or failure depends entirely on personal decisions (Brubaker, 2017).  During the period I was at Kings University I realize how essential it was for one to take control of his or her life. However, adjusting to such environments is the challenge to many youth joining institutions of higher learning because before coming here it is their parents or guardians that controls much of their choices. The experience one encounters during the first day in the campus can be compared to the practice of learning to swim by being tossed in the pool.

The COMM Program

The COMM program was very significant in my entire learning experience as it taught me the need to be open-minded and ethical in my communication. At the same time, I have been able to develop my critical thinking ability as well as writing and speaking skills. We were taught to accept various opinions which build on interactive learning. This program ensured that we are all round and we could fit well in any career as we could communicate effectively, a critical attribute that most employees require. Although the COMM program has had tremendous success, I would recommend that lessons allocated to this program be increased with a lot of emphasis on practical aspects like attending great speaker’s sessions as well as watching and analyzing films to build the communication abilities (Johnson, 2018). The program equipped me with skills that would help me get answers to various subjects without necessarily having to rely on my instructors. The learning program at the Kings University helped me to discover that regardless of the need for teamwork and collaboration, personal decision making ought not to be overlooked.

Pursuing a degree in communication has improved my perception and knowledge. I find it easier to develop and work with other people now than before, a character I acquired in my studies (Wood, 2006). Through this, I believe I have developed vital skills that include conflict resolution, public speaking among others.

Skills Gained

At the Kings University, I have been able to be conversant with technology that includes communication via e-mail to classmates and instructors, use of the online library and use of electronic mode in editing assignments. I believe these skills will be vital in my future career endeavors since in the current world internet has spread to almost all industries.

The lessons from ethical and Christian teachings have taught me a lot. First learning should be a voluntary process, and education should facilitate it and it should be interactive not done in seclusion (Tang, 2016). Through working in groups, I came to understand that there is power in unity. People have diverse skills and abilities, and it is through teamwork and collaboration that you can learn from each other. The doctrine of Christianity does not perpetuate individualism but encourage people to live and coexist in a unified community.

The skills I acquired at Kings University have been fundamental in my everyday life. I have been able to work for eight years as a regional surgical sales representative a job I got due to my skills in communication. Due to my excellent skills, I excelled to an extent of winning several awards that included “rookie of the year” award and top performing employee of the month. Ever since enrolling for this degree I have remained optimistic that my life will forever change for better. The knowledge of critical thinking that I use whenever I am tasked to make serious decisions under circumstances with limited time I wouldn’t have acquired without going through Kings University.


The approach used by the Kings University should be adopted by other institution of higher learning as it produces all round professionals who are morally and ethically upright. Such people will not harm anybody as they know it is their responsibilities to treat others in the right manner. As Christians, we need to be accommodative of each other and live as a family. The COMM program has been instrumental, and I believe the communication skills I learned from this program will be vital in my professional life. Studying Bachelor of Science in communication has been a key to my success since it has empowered me with useful skills such as the ability to create strong written and oral messages, ability to work well with my subordinates and ability to solve conflicts and problems.                                                          


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August 01, 2023



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