My Opinion on Pro-Choice

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I believe in pro-choice because I trust that human beings have free will to choose what to do with their body, provided that they lead a healthy life. It is the right of a woman to plan on when to bear children and when not, and just like any other human being, she carries the consequences of her decisions. Because women undergo many challenges in childbearing processes, it is their right to decide when to engage in sexual activities, whether to use or not use contraception, and whether to endure or not endure pregnancy. I consider that limiting what women can do with their bodies during their productive years is like enslaving them.

I discovered Cedar River Clinics through my friend who used to work in the company three years ago. It is through my interaction with her that I developed the love for the clinic. I was particularly attracted to the ways he articulated about the nature of the staff and the working atmosphere. In addition to that, through my online perusals on Quora, I came across many positive reviews from previous employees about the clinic, which is the other factor that took my curiosity to the other level. Thus, I could not hesitate to apply when I came across a post about the job opening in the clinic.

 It is everyone’s dream to work for a company that accommodates everybody with equality and respect, and this is a trait that I have come to learn about your organization. Moreover, being an individual driven by the urge to serve all people in the society, I am moved by the fact that your clinic accommodates everyone, including the low-income families.

August 01, 2023




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