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For human beings, it is common to find themselves in a position that allows them to understand their beliefs. In this scenario, Rosa is supposed to take care of her duties in the office and at the same time attend a surprise birthday party arranged for her grandmother by the family. Teamwork is an important part of participating in any sort of operation. I will ask her, as Rosa's co-worker, to own up to the error. That is, she has to admit that on that day she should have told the person planning the timetable to remove her from work. This move would limit any blames or accusations pointed at her by the family members. Besides, I would offer to help Rosa with her official duties on Thursday with the permission of my supervisor. Doing so would give her the opportunity to attend the party considering it is an important event for both her family and herself. Moreover, I would console her and remind her that everyone makes mistakes and forgetfulness is normal for human beings. Therefore, she should not be overly stressed by her predicament but focus on a solution.

My negative Reaction

Rosa is upset because she has just realized that she will not be attending the birthday party. I would blame her for failing to inform the person responsible for making the work schedule about her plans on Thursday. This move would likely add to her frustrations and anger. I would also tell Rosa to let out her frustrations by confronting the person who made the work schedule and let him or her know that she is disappointed.

July 24, 2021

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