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Since enrolling in online studies marked by a tight daily schedule of a beehive of events, it has been a series of serious and hectic moments for me. I am no longer afraid of becoming an online student, given that I had considered taking all of the necessary disciplines for college graduation except English composition. Most importantly, this is not the first time I've taken an online course, which gave me confidence going into this one. I normally either work a part-time job or go to the gym to work out as part of my everyday activities and commitments. These series of activities are very healthy, comfortable and ideal for the sake of the wellbeing of my life. This is simply because it was impossible for me to do all these together when I was a poor college student who did not only lack resources but also time to attend for an extra course. Unfortunately, at first, when I started the English course, I, however, came to realize that I did not have sufficient time for daily studies. As usually, my days begin at exactly 5 am by normal daily activities including attending to the part-time job. This as a course leaves me when I am already worn out and too exhausted to afford the rest of the day. In fact, as much as it definitely appears to be extremely early for me to wake up at these very early hours of the dawn, but it is a mandatory obligation on me to work hard for all my bills as well as all other ideal lives I have always longed to live. As per my schedule, I usually set to leave the part-time job at exactly 12 noon and have a short lunch break before finally getting ready to attend the evening studies. In this process, having been extremely exhausted, I slowly prepare my lunch and clean dishes by myself. At this particular juncture, it is nearly 4 pm when I subsequently proceed to take off a nap of about 1 to 2 hours on the couch. This is usually not on my bed because I am highly likely to fall asleep and not wake until the sun goes down. After waking up from the pleasant dream, I usually ride the bicycle for 20 minutes to the gym for a 1-hour workout. At around 4 pm, study time is needed for the forthcoming English placement test and accounting exam. This study requires at least 2-to-3-hours chunk of time to be meaningful work. At exactly 9 pm, the parents are already back at home and therefore I am expected to start assisting my mother with the preparation of the dinner. After completing everything perfectly, I have got to spend some good times with my family until late 11 pm after which I try to study English course. However, my daily planner does not give me a chance to study effectively. Shortly, I get reminded of my appointment for the following day’s interview of which I also had to begin preparing for. After doing all the required forms specifically in preparation for the interview, I come to realize that I do not have any more time to study the English course. At this point, there is no choice to prefer studying English to feeling dizzy in the interview. Subsequently, I decided to retire to bed at around 12 pm. On the following day, after waking up, I have to get my white collar tightly choking my neck with blue tie. While now feeling a bit nervous and uncomfortable, I had got to board the train bond to making connections with several stations. The interviews with company information session take 2 to 3 hours. After being mentally exhausted, I need to go to next company to have other sessions and interviews. After every interview, it is usually 5 or 6 pm, but I still need to go to the agent of job hunting to tell how the interview was and revise my application for next the companies. It is indeed very hard and challenging to get used to the weird way of job hunting in Japan. Finally, at around 8 to 9 pm, I am free to get back home and share the interview experience with my parents once again. At around 10 pm, my planner again informs me of the need to wake up at 5 am in the following morning.

Process Portion: How I managed my time to accomplish all I wanted, tool employed

In order for me to find an efficient and effective way of balancing together all my hobbies, job hunting, part-time job, as well as my school responsibilities, I finally resolved to alter my schedule and circumstances with digital devices as the key strategy. Besides, I reconsidered rescheduling my calendar and putting in place proper to-do list as the main tools to help me finally accomplish all that I need within the right time frame. In the first place, I decided to change my workplace to a commercial building with library, instead of the last workplace which had nothing around it. I came to the decision because I found out that my gym is in the commercial building equipped with a postmodern library and at the same time they were hiring new part-time workers. As soon as I found out this information, I successfully applied for the part-time job. Before I could finally change my schedule, I always had to go back to my house to do each work. This is the reason why I could still not have enough time. Second, I bought the mobile Wi-Fi device which can allow me to connect with internet everywhere. Without this mobile Wi-Fi, I could barely attend my online sessions until I would get back home where there is Wi-Fi. Considering this kind of inconvenience, I had to waste quite a lot of hours to get back home so as to access the internet. Now with the ideal circumstances for study and workplace, I can increase the efficiency of working, studying, and having the fun of my hobby. My part-time job now starts from 9 am to 12 or 1 pm on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Immediately I leave the part-time job, I ride the elevator to upstairs to work out in the gym. After an hour training and taking shower, I am refreshed and feel much reenergized. At this point, I have already saved few hours as compared to the previous calendar schedule where I used to take a nap of 1 to 2 hours after the part-time job. Afterword, I proceed to the library upstairs. At around 6 pm, I have already finished studying for the forthcoming English placement test and accounting exam. In fact, at this time I would have been still studying were it for the previous planner. By saving quite a couple of hours, I would finally continue will the English courses until the time when the parents get back home. This is the greatest relief since I could have at least 2 hours of studying the online English course. The most significant point, however, is that all these processes are accomplished on the right time and under a single roof. This allows me to have sufficient amount of time to do every piece of work as I have to schedule them in my calendar. Around 9 pm when my mother expects my help with the preparation of the dinner, I comfortably and confidently walk straight home without have anything left undone on my to-do list. To me, this is a very big relief because I could no longer get troubled with unattended items in my to-do list. After having precious time with my family, I could now have few additional hours to prepare for the next interview. On the day of an interview, I always carry my laptop with portable Wi-Fi so that I can work on English course or other studies. Each free time between different company information sessions, I can go to cafe or restaurant and get rid of the anxiety of the forthcoming interview by working on the online study. This way of relaxing is even increasing the efficiency of job hunting and academic works together. With all these brilliant and ideal environments, I have subsequently become even more confident to finish English course and find also to the best company to work, thus completely solving the problem of time management in my life.

September 21, 2021



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