Nation Building and Peacekeeping Missions

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The process of constructing a national identity is known as nation-building. It uses the power of the state to unite the people within a particular country. Its goals include long-term viability and political stability. Here are some key concepts to understand nation-building. Let's examine each of these in more detail. First, let's define nation-building. What is it? And what can it do for a country?


The term "international conflict" has traditionally applied to conflicts involving people from different nations. However, the term is increasingly being used to describe inter-group conflicts within the same country, where one group is vying for independence or greater power. These conflict dynamics can disrupt economic and national development projects. In these situations, peace churches and other mediators are important elements to resolve the conflicts. However, peace churches and other intermediaries cannot solve the underlying conflict.

The process of nation-building has a variety of definitions and antecedents. The term nation, which can also be referred to as nation-state, has various definitions among scholars and practitioners. Some define nation as a social construction while others argue that it is a natural phenomenon. Regardless of the definition, nation-building must be understood in its broader context. Here are some examples of nations:

Humanitarian aid

United States foreign assistance is one of the primary means by which the U.S. promotes economic development in third world countries. Throughout the 20th century, much of Latin America and Asia underwent significant economic development, but many African countries remained underdeveloped despite receiving large amounts of foreign aid. In the late 20th century, humanitarian assistance to African countries was increasing to alleviate the suffering of natural disasters, the HIV/AIDS epidemic, and the destruction caused by civil wars. In the 21st century, major international humanitarian initiatives to combat HIV/AIDS focused on sub-Saharan Africa.

One of the primary concerns with humanitarian aid is the possibility of corruption. Aid may not be well-targeted, and it could be used to provide false security and protection to non-combatants in a war zone. However, aid that is distributed to only one side can only fuel competition and tension between the two sides. It can also reinforce ethnic divisions and make groups less reliant on each other. However, the benefits of humanitarian aid should not be ignored.


Many NGOs and non-governmental organizations support the development of peacekeeping missions as a vital part of nation-building efforts. This assistance has many benefits for countries in need and includes confidence-building measures, electoral support, and human security. The mission also provides opportunities for concrete action. Below are some of the goals of peacekeeping missions. They may be part of a larger project, such as advancing democratic institutions, economic development, or social inclusion.

The Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) and UNGA President YUMIRKA FERNANDEZ PALACIOS both stress the importance of non-interference in sovereign affairs and full respect for impartiality. Since peacekeeping operations often combat terrorism, they may also increase attacks on personnel. Therefore, peacekeeping missions must adhere to host country laws. It must also promote sustainable development. The role of UN peacekeeping in a nation's rebuilding process is not to interfere in the political affairs of the host country.

Multilateral diplomacy

The use of multilateral diplomacy in nation building has a history dating back to World War II. Understanding why and how multilateral diplomacy was created and what it does for our world today is essential to determining where we are going. Multilateral diplomacy serves many functions and provides a 'Parliament of Man.' As the voice of 7 billion people, it is important for the UN General Assembly and other universal conferences to reflect the views of the global population. It also provides a safety valve for nations that have different opinions about the use of force.

Multilateral diplomacy serves a norm-creating function. Since the Second World War, the world has become far more civilized. The adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was a significant step forward and delegitimized many heinous practices. The UNGA banned cluster weapons and landmines in 1998. Women and children have seen improvements in the norms of their countries. In addition, these international bodies have the means to create more norms that support peace and prosperity.

Military might

The use of military might in nation building is a traditional part of Indian history. Since Independence, the Indian military has played a key role in nation building. While the British followed a path of least resistance and opted for a military solution to the problem, Sardar Patel had a vision and the backing of the Indian military to convince princely states to join the Indian Union. He used military force when necessary to achieve his goal.

Many countries have learned from history that the use of military force can be an effective means of achieving a nation's objectives. In the past, when trade unions held up the nation, the military was necessary to restore normal service. This practice of military intervention helped keep the wheels of the economy spinning. However, today's military is increasingly focused on nation-building, a practice that has its risks. Although the use of military force has increased in recent years, some national leaders remain hesitant to use it.

July 01, 2022
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