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Natural Hazards Paper

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Natural hazards are severe natural environmental events that harm people and cause property damage. Natural hazards arise as a result of the earth's biological processes. The impact of natural disasters on people and property varies depending on the type of disaster. Earthquakes occur when two tectonic plates collide, causing tremors that result in death and property damage. A volcano is a magma eruption onto the earth's surface. The magma is typically hot, contains hazardous gases, and causes earthquakes and tsunamis. The volcano's eruption has impacted areas up to 20 miles away. Tornadoes are violent storms with high-speed winds that appear as cyclic clouds. Hurricanes, like tornadoes, are unpredictable. They have winds that can hit top speeds of 74 miles an hour.
Hurricanes and tornadoes are the worst natural disasters, based on the fact that they offer little warning, leaving no time for preparedness and response. They cause destruction over a long range, reaching hundreds of miles. The high-speed winds and storms of hurricanes, in particular, cause severe damage to property. Hurricanes also push massive amounts of ocean water on land, leading to widespread flooding in affected areas. The other forms of natural hazards; earthquakes and volcanoes, rarely occur, and if they do happen, they offer enough warnings that give people time to respond. I think that loss of lives due to natural disasters is something authorities can avoid by putting in placed proper preparedness plans like evacuations. My perception of natural disasters aligns with reality because most deaths resulting from natural hazards are due to poor coordination and response, for example, during the Hurricane Katrina (Hurricane Season 2005: Katrina).
Natural disasters cause damage globally every year. Even though we cannot avoid natural hazards, we have hard improvement in technological tools that helps experts understand when and how they happen.

Work Cited
“Hurricane Season 2005: Katrina”. NASA, Oct. 2005, Accessed 12 Jun. 2017.

August 09, 2021




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