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How did a seemingly insignificant day end up changing my life forever? It was the summer of 2013 at the time. My husband, Jeff, and I were at Lake Johanna on the University Northwestern campus for our annual church baptism. It is a spectacular gathering in which thousands of believers gather to watch fellow Christians being baptized. Baptists are followers of Jesus who thoroughly immerse themselves in water and openly declare their religion and conviction.

Adults who want Baptism in today's Christian culture are few in number and they are not inspired to make a significant difference before being baptized. Most people are coming to church and get baptized as adults in a bid to solve their marriage complications such as mix matrimonies. As usual, such people have been initially unconverted members of the church, and the instructions in their faith have to take a step and expose them to a confession experience. Thereafter, they develop a personal relationship with God, which is a life that is characterized by prayers.

As a child, my family rarely attended church. Indeed, an infrequent wedding was the extent of my exposure to church matters. In my opinion, baptism indicates or rather is a new beginning. Up until the last summer, I have always enjoyed the events in the church, but I do not lack an excuse not to get baptized. The Alpha orientation class that I have attended made me acknowledge what I had not been able to enjoy as a baptized Christian. I want to serve Jesus in many ways and categories as I can for the balance for the rest of my life. Thus, baptism is the only means that can clean away my sins, even though I was baptized as an infant; I yearn for a fresh start.

Since I was baptized when I was an infant, I do not need to do the same once more. When I was sprinkled with holy water as an infant, it was more a decision of my parents to bestow me to the Lord and obligating themselves to nurture me in a Christian home, which was not actually my personal choice at all. However, opting to be baptized as an adult represents the fact that I am dedicated to being a follower of Christ, serving God throughout my existence. That is why me and my husband Jeff decided to get baptized.

Indeed, standing in front of the congregation and then get dunked into a tank full of water appears to be a little frightening. However, everyone in this scene is on your side, supporting every episode of baptism ceremony. The atmosphere within the venue was so motivating and uplifting that is was actually quite tricky to be nervous.

It was finally our turn. Jeff and I held hands as we walked into the water together, our campus pastors greeted us. They asked, _x0093_Have you made the decision to make Jesus Christ the Lord and Savior of your life?_x0094_ We replied back _x0093_yes,_x0094_ in unison. _x0093_Then today is your day as we baptize you in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit,_x0094_ I locked arms with my husband and could not stop smiling. The pastors, one on each side, assisted us in leaning back being fully submerged into the lake water. The moment I reemerged back up through the water and took a breath of air. I started to cry with tears of joy. We hugged each other and pastors too. I would never forget the moment when I made my public declaration that I am a follower of Jesus.

Baptism is a new beginning, and ever since I have been strengthening my relationship with Jesus Christ. I make better decisions in my life with God as my number one priority. Baptism changed my life, and that day I was made new.

October 13, 2022

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