New Managers Should focus on Helping Their Teams, Not Pleasing Their bosses

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The post, "New Managers Should Concentrate on Helping Their Teams, Not Pleasing Their Superiors," written by Karen Dillon addresses the aspects that managers and leaders need to take into account for successful organizational competence (Dillon, 2017). The author maintains that individuals have the instinct to concentrate on higher levels in the hierarchy, particularly at the moment they are promoted. However, such a viewpoint is warped in such a way that the more people look up the ladder, the more they seem to ignore the need to keep the team up and running efficiently. Any time a manager looks for approval from his managers, the team is forgotten, and hence little improvement (Dillon, 2017). To counter such, Dillon proposes that the manager have to inspire the team to work together through creating a shared vision that every individual works towards achieving(Dillon, 2017). Furthermore, signaling for the team input through direct communication allow for a group decision that every individual values and hence the possibility for success as a manager and a leader.

Through the discussion in the article, one understands that it is prudent for managers to pay attention to those who look up to them so that they can inspire competence and self-confidence that will impact the organizational success (Dillon, 2017). Besides, it is essential for the leaders to emotionally sound so that they can offer psychological help to the team without feeling overwhelmed as managers.

The article provides a deeper insight into the concepts analyzed in the topic by recommending for democratic leadership as a proper leadership style that should be emulated by competent managers. Furthermore, the by proposing means like motivating others in the team to act interacts with the key leadership traits proposed in the topic.


Dillon, K. (2017). New Managers Should Focus on Helping Their Teams, Not Pleasing Their Bosses. Harvard Business Review. Retrieved 1 September 2017, from

October 20, 2021

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