Nursing Profession and Professional Development

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The report explores and debates the wide range of health challenges confronting the United States. The paper provides several answers to the challenges by addressing health issues on time. The document's foundation is influenced by the concepts that declare that the existing health care workforce and systems provide high-quality leadership and nursing care. As a result, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) has collaborated with The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) to develop a credible and visible perspective on the subject of study. The two's partnership had defined goals, which could be demonstrated through team sharing (In Masters, 2017). Targeting the nursing through the report, the main objective of the paper was to ensure that nursing roles are critically defined to address the demand for high quality, safe, and effective health care services. As the largest health professionals, the future through a steadfast commitment to better outcomes, patient care, and improved quality and safety served as the target to the health sector. The legislation of IOM aimed at promoting health, coordination and quality improvement for the traditional and current strengths of the nursing profession.

The Impact of IOM Report on Nursing Education

In the process of transforming the health sector, the IOM report suggests that nurses achieve higher training and educational levels. Through an improved education system, the education and training levels achieved should be capable of promoting a seamless academic progression. Nursing will change a profound change that will tend to evaluate their training and education level before receiving their operating licenses. The report asserts that the improved education system will put considerations that will allow current and future generations of nurses into the safe delivery of services, high quality, and patient-centered (Brunt, 2014). The education system will focus on primary care and community health.

The report affects the education claiming that the nursing education system should be one that provides instruments of evaluation and improvement standards of the quality and patient care. A nurse's ability to be flexible and adapt to technology, science, and population changes should be the focus of the education system. The approach should be met with high ethical and integrity. At all levels of education, the nursing education system should be able to convey an understanding of the technique to work and transform the health care delivery system. Management of the complex conditions should be emphasized in the training and education systems to help them coordinate with other health professionals. The education levels for nurses should demonstrate their competencies through quality improvement, system thinking, management of primary care, and understanding of health policy and research. For example, the graduate-level nurses need to develop higher competency levels (IOM, 2011).

Nevertheless, the bodies responsible for accreditation and certification of nurses in the U.S should demand mastery of skills, professional development and managerial competencies at all levels. The nurses' skills should frequently be updated to help counter the rapidly changing need for health care. A partnership across professionals can help foster interpersonal team training of nursing with onset at the time they are in college to their career life.

The impact of the IOM report on nursing practice, particularly in primary care, and how you would change your practice to meet the goals of the IOM report

In nursing practice, professional nurses should provide health care to the fullest according to their education and training. The practice through the help of the federal and state actions should standardize the scope-of-practice regulations to make use of education of APRNs. Some regulations, policies, and barriers should be removed to allow the patient choice and care as basic reforms in the healthcare system (IOM, 2011). The envision of the nursing profession is to extend the confined acute care to create, serving and disseminating reconceptualized roles to reduce the connecting distance between access to care and coverage.

Converting nursing into care coordinators, primary care providers, informaticians, health coaches, and health team leaders. The report believes that the changes will transform the nursing profession to its roots through primary care medical homes and accountable care firms.

The impact of the IOM report on the nurse’s role as a leader

Leadership in the U.S healthcare sector is important since it helps in the transformation of the industry. The need to for nurses to work in partnership with other health professionals such as the physicians will help build some leadership roles in them. Transforming systems need nurses with adaptive capacities to help facilitate their roles in the healthcare settings at both administrative and health policy departments (IOM, 2011). The nurse’s role as a leader should be played through involving them in decision-making and implementation of health care reforms. Besides, they should be allowed to serve on advisory boards, committees, and commissions that make policy decisions.

Due to the complex nature of the healthcare setting, a need for internal and external consultation is necessary. The role of leadership in nursing will help professionally approach these complex conditions through a consultative manner to improve the outcomes. It will also help them cultivate a partnership with the government, healthcare, and businesses for improving quality in primary care.


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May 10, 2023
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