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Students would be able to recognize different metric notations, decimal fractions, and real number approximations.

Common Core Learning Standard that applies:

Students realize that splitting a whole into b sections yields the fraction 1/b, which can then be translated into a decimal.

Relationship with Previous Knowledge: The students were able to classify different fractions in the previous subject. The tutor offered them a test to gauge their understanding of fractions.

Key Vocabulary:

Place value: the position of each digit in a decimal figure

Decimal fractions: the number represented by the decimal numerals

Materials: Plain A4 paper, pencil, eraser

Motivation: Before the start of the class, the teacher writes down a number of decimal figures on the white board and requests the class to identify the place values of the figures. The students raise their hands as they attempt to guess the several place values especially the ones after the decimal point which they do not seem to be quite familiar with. Further, the teacher gives some fractions and requests the class to attempt converting them to decimals.

Lesson Plan Procedures: The students write down a number of fractions on their A4 paper and the teacher requests them to convert them into decimals. The teacher then moves around supervising what the students are doing.

Medial Summary: The teacher calls a few people to the whiteboard and requests them to identify place values in some decimal numbers

Differentiated Instruction: the teacher attempts to use examples such as the use of money where he explains how coins relate to the ones, tenths and hundredths.

Opportunities for Practice: the teacher pairs the students and offers them some questions to view how much they understand the topic

Final Summary: to finalize, the class takes part in a question and answer session that further enables him to assess their level of understanding.

Assessment: the teacher collects all the A4 papers for further marking and evaluation of the understanding of the topic

Classroom Management: to manage behavior, the teacher made sure that all the waste materials were discarded appropriately hence making them both responsible and organized.

Attention to Multicultural Issues: at the start of the lesson, the teacher tells the students to ensure that they carry away all the materials that they come with and leave the place as clean as it was.

October 19, 2022

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