Observation of Behavior

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Physical and visible disability is usually a clog to day-to-day activities. In most cases, it limits the capability of the victim to raise out normal activities. However, due to the fact that these disabilities become phase of the life of the victim, he/she has to examine how to live a regular life comparable to that of other people. This continually calls upon high creativities of the sufferer to ensure that he/she is now not limited to the vary of activities or obligations which he/she can handle.
Keywords: Non-dominant arm, mobility cane, headboard, footboard, noodles
Behavioral observations
Impaired Dominant Arm
When opening the nondominant arm, you have to initially think about the direction in which the door opens to: away or towards you. This helps in avoiding application of unnecessary force in the wrong direction which may lead to accidents since the non-dominant arm is usually unstable (Braddock, 2001). Hinges position may be of great assistance when looking for the direction in which the door opens to. After knowing the direction, apply only slight force on the door handle or unlocking knob and push or pull the door depending on the direction (Braddock, 2001). Once open, enter the stairwell while holding on the handrails of the stairs. Slowly walk down the flight taking note not to miss the steps. Open the next door using the same criteria used while entering the flight.
While using the public restrooms, ensuring physical and health safety is of the essence. This should be ensured by first knocking with the non-dominant arm to make sure there is no person in the toilet (Braddock, 2001). Hold onto the handle and open the door towards the right direction. While in the toilet, hold onto the grab rails with the non-dominant arm while stooping towards the toilet seat. Wash your arm with running water for health safety.
While entering a public space, note the least crowded sitting place and walk towards it (Linton, 1998). Slowly stoop towards the sitting surface and sit. While sitting, hold onto the leading surface of the bench with the non-dominant arm. Grab the laptop with the same arm, place it on the lap, unlock the lid and pull the lid upwards to open.
Impaired Sight
Safety for a visually impaired person is paramount (Cupples, Hart, Johnson & Jackson, 2011). This should be possible if the person has a mobility cane. While using the mobility cane, one is able to know where the toilet stall is. The person uses the arms to feel the door. Before entering, one should knock to ensure that nobody is using the toilet. By the use of the door knobs or handles, open the door and apply the cane to locate the toilet seat (Cupples et al., 2011). One should use the grab rails or arms’ support to the sides of the toilet compartment while stooping over. To wash the hands and brush the teeth, one can locate the position of sinks using the mobility cane or by the use of fore-arms.
While unlocking the front door, firstly, one has to identify the position of the door lock (Vittori, 2004). This should be done by the use of hands to feel the position of the door knob. Secondly, one has to initially know which key is right. This is ensured by having a prior recognition of the shape of the key. Locate the key-hole using the hand and insert the right key and unlock the door and enter. Using the fingers, locate the position of the light switch which is usually placed on the latch side of the door and switch on the lights (Vittori, 2004).
Being a visually impaired, a person calls upon having a well-organized kitchen to ensure easy and safe cooking procedures (Cupples et al., 2011). In preparing a simple meal like boiled noodles one has to initially know the location of the source of water and utensils. Switch on the cooker by slightly turning on the knob. Place the pan on it and add the correct amount of water onto it, add the noodles and use the sense of hearing to gauge whether the water has been absorbed. This is done by listening to the extent and fading of the boiling sound.
While making the bed, the person should fold the bed sheet lengthwise to find the center of the sheet. Using the arms, locate the headboard and the foot board; the former usually extends above the mattress of the bed (Vittori, 2004). Place the folded sheet on top of the mattress, take one layer towards the headboard and pull slightly towards the footboard. Smooth away any folds on the sheet. Repeat the same procedure for the blankets and the bedspreads. Place the pillows on the side of the headboard (Vittori, 2004).
Dressing for the visually impaired person is entirely done through the sense of touch. For example, if one wants to put on a shirt and a pair of jeans, one uses the mobility cane or hands to locate the position of the wardrobe, opens it and uses touch to choose the clothes according to their texture (Cupples et al. 2011). Jeans are usually rough and dense. Choice of a shirt should also be based on the texture. One unbuttons the shirt, puts it on and buttons it up to the bottom button ensuring that each button is placed at its right position. One then unzips the trouser, puts it on and zips it up.

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