On Beauty

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People's ideas on appearance have evolved over time, and many cultures and individuals have held opposing views about the nature of attractiveness. While it has been described by numerous conceptions and theories that have permeated our minds, its complete explanation has yet to be reached. In this context, beauty refers to the meaning that draws a person to something or someone, as well as the feelings we get from those interactions. Beauty isn't always what people want it to be, particularly when it can be described in multiple ways. One of the best definitions can be derived from the Merriam-Webster dictionary considering that beauty refers to the qualities of a person or a place that give pleasure to the sense of the mind and are associated with happiness.

Referring to a separate individual, beauty means the innermost values of a person. It can be viewed as the thoughts or actions that make one fall in love or like some aspects about another person. Many people mistake that someone’s personality is described as not beautiful due to not looking good, big noses, small eyes, ears not fitting the head well, or generally not looking attractive. Even though the saying that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder may compel people to concentrate on the outward appearances, it is important that beauty is considered for what is the gentleness coming from the inside. The fact that someone might not appear attractive on the outside should not be used to describe one generally. To decide whether one is beautiful or not, it is important not to forget that the true beauty is inside and outside. Beauty goes an extra mile to describe a good friend that helps one in times of trouble and shares love in numerous situations. It describes that person can always do extra to ensure that one succeed in life regardless of the challenges one might be facing. Beauty is the way people feel about an individual when everything else seems not to be working out for them. Mistaking beauty to be associated with the appearance might make one get disappointed.

However, beauty is not only about the qualities. Beauty also refers to the moments or the images that inspire and bring remarkable and distinct attachments to one’s soul. It occurs at the moments when one feels real and free from any trouble. During such moments, one feels eminent and proud to be oneself. Most times when one thinks of happiness, one cannot neglect the feeling of beauty that accompanied those moments. Defining beauty as happiness is crucial for the understanding of the concept as far as it leads to the realization that it has no relationship to the appearance. Beauty is implied in the moments that are brought by the interactions with the people about whom one cares or the places one loves visiting. Thus, beauty is associated with the sense in one’s soul and thereafter results in happiness.

To sum up, the bodies tend to be the shells that give people the opportunity to express what we feel towards someone or something. Still, the idea of the true beauty is not connected with the bodily image. Beauty lies in the moments and qualities that present our greatest happiness and incredible experiences. No concept or culture of a company can completely describe what beauty is, but it is implied in the attitude towards the people regardless their status, physical appearance, or social background.

November 03, 2022

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