On Dumpster Diving: Homelessness

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The creator depicts two different social standings in the society, the one for the poor and the other for the financially rich, the prosperous are highly extravagant and wasteful, and they do not care about the poor who scan the surroundings and make the most out of the discarded items. The author identifies well with people of his social standing, he virtually portrays dumpsters as very cautious and aware of their surroundings. The scavengers have cocoons which protect them from other scavengers inside the dumpsite.
Working at Wendy's: Class Assumptions
People at different pack in the society have a varying reaction towards each other to an extent that one may opt to avoid the other person. The lower level people do feel ashamed of their status when they interact with the higher level persons. The people at higher level likewise see the lower level people as wasted life and victims. The author together with his co-workers at Wendy’s are friends and they would talk and discuss various topic touching on their family issues to work related issues (Franklin 28). The power play is also evident as many workers do not like when their manager is on duty as she ensures close supervision of work and enforcement of working hours. Some workers do take the time to harass other who are slower than them, this does not sit well with the victims.

Shooting an Elephant: Colonial Rule and Subalterns

The author was hated by many people from other races, however, according to him, it happened at the best time in his life although it was offensive and perplexing. Upon the resolve of prostrate people with additional part, George alleged that the highest pleasure in the whole world would involve driving bayonets into guts of the priests and Buddhists who fail to champion peace (Orwell). These feelings were normal by-products of imperialism. There was no equal treatment for people from different races through impunity by the people in power.

The Morals of the Prince: Training for Aristocrats

Niccolo Machiavelli disagrees with the notion that men are praised or blamed especially princes and supported the opinion that any man who tries to be good all the time is bound to come to devastation among the great number who are not good. Therefore, a prince who wants to remain relevance must not to be good and use this knowledge or refrain from using it (Machiavelli). A prince must be shrewd enough to stay away from public disgrace or those vices that might make him least important in his state. Without which he will find it hard to serve his state that is to say something resembling virtue, if you go for it could be your ruin, while on contrary something resembling voice will lead more importantly if you follow it to your security and well-being.

Blue-Collar Brilliance: Class Assumption

In this article, the author was watching and listening to waitresses as they go about their chore, pacing and speaking in coded language during mealtimes. There is no evidence whether the author socialized with the waitresses or not, this could mean that he had a varied opinion of them. Some managers had a lesser opinion of their junior and even called them names while others were considerate and championed for the wellness of their juniors (Mike 3). The author noted that his mother had to study human behavior to aid in dealing with co-workers and customers and at the same time he noted cooks and waitresses talk together on some occasions.

September 21, 2021

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