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One of the amazing tools in the modern society is the Internet.

One of the great weapons of contemporary culture is the Internet. With the growth and adoption of the Internet, the world has shrunk and people have been brought closer together. However, more and more technological advances are generating incentives to resist meaningful interpersonal relationships.
People prefer to love online connections that exist on social networking platforms that include Twitter and Facebook, among others, but those experiences are somewhat different from physical interactions. As such, human relationships suffer social alienation when people do not feel the need to physically communicate and connect. Further, the feelings of human relationships that include hearing others laugh are substituted by words of LMOA and LOL among others. Hence, individuals lack the essence of being in relationships. They tend to be incentive of what a relationship is in modern society. The electronic media is poor in transmitting emotions, but individuals utilize it as a means of ensuring that confrontations are done in an effective manner. Therefore, empathy is not utilized in sending the message while confusion is bred on how the information is shared in the relationships.
Etiquette is something, which is very vital among human relationships. The advancement in technology is killing this element since individuals can easily ignore the message send by another person. This occurs as non-verbal communication misses in this sector irrespective of the used context. There is also lack of balance of the physical and social time used in human relationships.
In conclusion, technology is creating incentives that result in avoiding meaningful human relationships. This occurs as individuals lose physical interactions, but embrace social media interactions. Hence, human relationships are becoming meaner in society than expected.

July 24, 2021

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