Open Source Agency Advertising

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Open source agency advertisements have revolutionized the advertising industry that we all thought had already been blown by digital agencies. The advent of digital agencies for a moment seemed to be the best solution even for small business. But this contribution is minute compared to what open agency advertising is promising to do to these types of business that have over the years suffered exclusion due to the abnormal rates charged by advertising agencies. It is predicted that the first brave mover into the open source advertising agency is set to stand out from the rest and be the cardholder and game-changer in advertising for a very long time.

The concept of open source is not easy to discern just like block-chain technology that has disrupted the technology industry and has still left others unaware of what hit them. Open agency advertising is a transformative and less costly way that businesses can use to make their brands known to consumers. And the best part is that it can be tailor-made fit the structure of any business. The type of advertising solutions offered by open agency advertising has been scrutinized close to perfection.

There are a number of opportunities that have since gone untapped by the digital agencies and have hence developed loyalty towards the open agency of advertising. One of them is small businesses which take up the lion’s share of the number of enterprises in the world. If advertisers only just give chance and a platform for such businesses to develop themselves, they would benefit immensely. A solution for this kind of business would be the creation of an open source platform that would give them the opportunity to choose from a wide range of advertising packages. Not only choosing but also being able to benchmark at how other businesses have been climbing the latter. The benefit does not go to the small business only but is also felt by other business who will gain from the solutions and changes made by the previous business on the platform.

Another opportunity is in a large number of individuals in need of personal branding for a very small fee. These kind people may not necessarily focus on large-scale advertising as there are just single units. Their problem is the fact that they are unable to find a suitable digital agency that will agree to the peanut fees they have to pay after being assisted. Open agency advertising can go ahead of digital agencies by providing almost free packages that are not complex and are custom made for such individuals.

There are the already established corporate entities that have spent a lot of money in advertising and suffer the problem of agencies doing the same things over and over again whilst the result is the same. For such enterprises, an advanced package that allows them to assess the problems and find new solutions that will help in advertising the business can be most beneficial. The following solutions offered for these three business opportunities which are facing challenges even in the era of digital marketing can only be sold by the open source agency. Advertising agencies that are still tied to the digital marketing should, therefore, adjust to the open source so as to be able to stay in business in the near future.

The lean business model canvas has a one hundred percent correlation with the open agency than the digital agency. It focuses on the various ways in which a prospective or existing business can get its ideas out into the market and communicate with various customer needs. Basically, what open agency is all about, being able to provide a platform for clients with different needs to find their niche and explore it from a flexible source. The open agency, in this case, can greatly be helpful in terms of the innovative solutions it offers for clients by not having the normal solutions for normal problems but also opening up the possibility of clients with a whole new arena of challenges.

Lean canvas model also uses some adaptive steps in assisting the business to bring out its idea clearly. The first step would definitely include identification of the problem. When you have an idea, there is obviously a problem that it intends to solve. Next would be the customers that would benefit from this idea. Not all customers can be served by the same business at one time. There has to be a proportionate distribution of the customers among various organizations. After customer specification comes to the unique value that the business feels it has to offer to the clients. The ways of reaching the customers to which the unique service is to be offered are also evaluated. Money is always an issue when it comes to business and so the revenue streams and costs to be accrued are also put into consideration. After these steps, the business idea is ready to be put into fruition and its competitive advantages are explored.

Forcefield analysis developed by Kurt Lewin helps one to think about the pressures for and against change. It seeks to clarify that change lies at the equilibrium between the resistance pressure that drives a person away from change and the acceptance pressure that drives the one towards change. This model can, therefore, be effectively used by businesses when it comes o implementing changes in their business designs. There are a number of steps that business can take to make great use of the force field analysis.

Firstly, defining the needed change or understanding the current status of the business. At this stage, the business needs to have knowledge on the need for change. One cannot be able to discern the negative and positive pressures of change when they do not have any idea as to what the change needed entails. It is at this level that thorough scrutiny of the business is carried out in order to identify areas where the transition is necessary. The next after identification and understanding of the need for change, the business should now look at the driving forces. What makes this change a foreseeable possibility, what factors are for the enactment of change? It is by default of the force field analysis model that affecting looking at the driving forces, a business must, therefore, look at the resistant forces towards change. These are simple factors that are against the implementation.

Evaluation of the restraining and driving forces in order to see the weights that each has on the business and each can be manipulated to reach the equilibrium. After evaluation, a review of the forces is conducted. Which force is stronger than the other? Which force can topple the other? After looking at the strength and weakness level of each of the respective forces, develop a strategy for utilizing them in order to find a force that topples the other. Then finally take the necessary action to achieve the greatest impact that would bring about change.

An open agency would be the best solution for in the forcefield business model. The steps taken towards change in the force field analysis can be streamlined when in an open agency as opposed to a digital agency. One of the challenges of digital agencies is adapting to the constantly changing market landscape. When you look at the Lewins force field model, it is in line with the various steps towards arriving at the change in a business. An open agency is flexible and welcomes change plus it gives businesses the opportunity to decide and understand the type of change that it needs.

Mckinsey 3 horizon model advocates for businesses to analyze possible growth in the future without ignoring their present ventures. This model is most suitable for companies still maturing and ones that are on the verge of being extinct due to the current market trends. It, therefore, provides a three-stage horizon model whose implementation since to it that such businesses survive the process of downfall.

Horizon 1 represents the major business of the firm that it is well known for and has helped build the reputation over the years. The main focus at this stage is to first put energy on the core business to help in profit maximization and wealth acquisition. Horizon 2, the business having settled and fixed its inherent product is now in apposition to look at emerging market opportunities and explore them. At this horizon, the business is making investments into new anticipated profit areas. Horizon 3 now entails the process whereby the business invests in projects that have long-term benefits. The investments at this level are expected to keep it in the industry for over a number of additional years. The Mckinsey 3 horizon model is, therefore, a pathway for businesses to follow when they have in the industry for a long time and do not want to become sinking giants. A business that follows these three horizons to the latter is expected to get back on its feet.

The open agency model is most suitable and in line with the Mckinsey horizon. The Mckinsey horizon focuses on business solutions that are specifically wired to help them get back up. An open agency, in this case, would work better to assist in the innovations needed by the business to take new products in the horizon 2 of the Mckinsey model. Scaling up to meet specific client demands is an innovative way that can be adopted by advertising agencies especially open agencies as opposed to digital agencies.

Stakeholders are part of the business structure and therefore anything that goes on around it should be passed by them. When any factor affects the business in any way possible, then it inadvertently also affects the stakeholders at large. Therefore, when it comes to decision making and implementation of various business solutions, they also have to be consulted to get the perspective on the matter. An organization may at most times have many stakeholders who have different needs and benefits that they derive from it. Engaging with the stakeholders of the business has a number of benefits like an assured success of the business and good decision-making process that is arrived at after deliberations with the stakeholders. In light of this fact, there are a number of steps, ways or rather procedures used in putting multiple stakeholder perspectives into consideration in the design of changes in a new or existing business.

Identifying the organizational stakeholders would be the first and foremost step into ensuring that all stakeholder perspectives are included in the design of changes. It is definitely tiresome to consult with a number of people while guessing whether or not they could be stakeholders in the business. It is therefore prudent to try and look at the people with interest and influence into your business. These are the people who in the long run will be affected by any changes that the businesses intend to make and will be willing to give a positive solution. Doing random approaches to any suspected stakeholder without proper clarification that they are is like making a number of merry-go-rounds with the next design that could really bring change to the business.

Prioritizing of the stakeholders that have been identified. When you have already known whose opinion matters in your business, the next step would now be rating the level of influence and interests they have in the business. This is now the group to which you pitch your idea on the design for change that you want to implement in the organization. There are those shareholders who are of high influence but may have low interest in the design that you are presenting. On the other hand, other shareholders have low influence in the business but are actually very interested in the design. Another group is stakeholders with low interest and also no influence in the business. The last group can be termed as the golden stakeholders who have high interest and high influence. Meaning these people are actually interested in the design that is being presented to them and are also in apposition to assist and make the design be implemented.

The next move is to understand your identified stakeholders’ perspectives. With your major goal being to include multiple stakeholder perspectives, it is, therefore, necessary to get to know their views on the designs after prioritizing them. You may come to find that a shareholder with minimal influence but high interest in your design for organizational change may be of assistance in a different section of getting to understand other stakeholder perspectives. The step towards an inclusive stakeholder must entail the procedure of getting to analyze and eventually have an understanding of the perspectives of stakeholders towards the new design for change that you seek to implement in your business.

Lastly, incorporate stakeholders’ perspective into the business which should be after carefully understanding their view on the design for change. At this stage, you already have an idea of who your stakeholders are, their degree of importance to your business and their perspective on the matter at hand. The only remaining solution would now be the process of ow taking into considerations their views and opinions before finally implementing the design for the business. By taking the following steps, a business would have ensured that the multiple stakeholders are considered at every step of the way in any matter that concerns the business which is the common interest among them. When taking in the perspective of the stakeholder it is necessary to understand that they are individuals whose contributions go a long way in achieving the goals of the business.

The impact of developing a specific business solution to the business, consumers, and stakeholders can either be negative or positive. Like developing a business solution that uses open agency advertising and digital advertising. Such a solution has a positive impact on all the parties in the business. This positive impact could be lowering the cost of advertising that affects all the three parties. For customers, lowering the cost of advertising to the business would mean that it would therefore also lower costs of the products to them. To the stakeholders who have some patent in the business, this would be a reduction in operating costs that lead to their wealth maximization and acquisition of higher profits.

Ethical implications of making specific business solutions can have a two-way outcome. One would be that one ethnic group would benefit from automatic inclusion into the business. Other groups on the other the hand would suffer exclusion from the business. Another ethical implication is the division among consumers and stakeholders of the business. This division comes in due to both inclusive and exclusive business solution adapted. Professional implications, in this case, will focus on the ethical standards that the business has failed to adhere to. Consumers will also act very unethical in their own right by being bias towards the decisions, made by the business. A specific business solution that is not guided by all the stakeholders will have a variety of implications both on the good side and bad.

Conclusively, open source agency advertising has a number of advantages over the digital agency. The problem comes in when many people do not understand how this tremendous breakthrough in the advertising world works. It is therefore many a times confused with crowdsourcing which is a totally different perspective from the open source agency advertising. In crowdsourcing there is no particular arrangement of ideas and a number of talents may go untapped. Open source agency advertising, on the other hand, ensures that there is the utilization of each and every talent and that has been brought together and it also gives room for fixations and improvements to be made on an idea. A business does not operate as an island has it is answerable to its stakeholders and customers as well. When it comes to the running and decision-making areas of a business, all owners should always seek to use all people who are party to it and would suffer in any way should a rogue decision be made. These various stakeholders that must oversee actions taken by the business are simply the environment in which the business works. There is the environment which the business has total control over and can greatly monitor how it works. But here is also the other environment that the business has no control over. The only option left for an organization in such a situation is to work with the prevailing conditions towards the development of a sustainable environment for both parties.

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