Ordinary People Review

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In this review, I'll discuss a few aspects of the film "Ordinary People" that I find interesting. I'll also address the relative lack of diversity in the characters. Finally, I'll cover the subtly depicted psychological disorders. I hope that these points help you to better appreciate this film. It's well worth your time, and I'd love to hear your thoughts! Until then, have a wonderful day!

Characters in "Ordinary People"

The story of the characters in Ordinary People begins with tragic events that make the people involved feel unworthy of forgiveness. As a result, many of the characters in the novel struggle with coping with their grief. One character in particular, Beth, has a difficult time accepting that she has failed her son. This inability to accept guilt and to forgive prevents her from understanding her son and causes her husband problems. This is a common theme throughout the novel.

Character traits of ordinary people

Character traits of ordinary people are characteristics of individuals who are generally not considered to be good or bad. In fact, these characteristics can be categorized as positive or negative depending on how they are expressed. For example, a persistent person can quickly turn aggressive or stingy. Similarly, a person who is very curious can easily turn suspicious and malice-prone. Positive character traits, on the other hand, include self-criticism and lust.

Relative lack of diversity in "Ordinary People"

In the 1970s, feminism began to change society and the focus on the personal. Women's issues were increasingly personal and political, and this was reflected in the novel, Ordinary People. The characters are small in scale and concerned with the personal development of their characters. They aren't interested in grand political events, but in the details of their everyday lives. The author addresses this issue in an accessible way, making Ordinary People a compelling read.

Subtle portrayal of psychological disorders

This film, which explores the idea of mental illness in the everyday lives of ordinary people, begins by focusing on the character of Conrad, who appears to represent a typical case of this disorder. Following his brother's sailing accident, Conrad attempts suicide and is committed to a mental hospital. However, he continues to consult his therapist, Dr. Berger. In the course of the story, his main task is to overcome his crushing guilt.

Oscar-winning film

'Ordinary People' is based on the 1976 novel by Judith Guest. It's about an upper-class American family that is torn apart by tragedy. The Jarret family lives in an affluent suburb of Chicago, and their son Buck was tragically killed in a boating accident. Conrad Jarret, the father, tried to kill himself after the tragedy. After four months in the hospital, he returns home to find his family and his wife Beth (Mary Tyler Moore). The Jarrets are desperate to get back to a normal life but are faced with a world that they can't seem to escape.

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