Origins of English America & Forming Anglo-America

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Chesapeake was an area that covered East And West New Jersey, Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania before the colonization occurred. On the other side, Massachusetts Bay Colony, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Plymouth, and New Haven formated New England.
Distinctly, these two areas had totally different and unique individualities before the merger. Furthermore, these regions were colonized by the groups of people sent from England to search valuables that may have carried interest and profit, such as gold and silver, the cure for syphilis infection, a direct entrance to Asia, and many others.
Similarities and Dissimilarities
The relationships linking the New England and Chesapeake territories covered their language, religion, and they both were loyal to the same thing. Conversely, the differences included the education, the center of the society and their life expectancies. In summary, the two colonies shared the English language, had Protestantism due to the widely spread Catholicism in the England and other religions such as Puritans had to seek for freedom out of the country. However, the colonies had more differences than similarities.

Pointedly, Chesapeake colonies were in a severe climate area, their water brackish and mosquitoes swarmed the area. Notably, the climatic conditions lessened the peoples' life span. Contrarily, in the New England, settlements were in a moderate climate, and there lived healthy society. Additionally, some laws compelled the people of New England to build schools both in villages and towns, unlike Chesapeake which had no such laws.

Colonists’ economies, gender roles, demographics, and relationship with Native Americans

As already stated, the settlers emigrated in search of gold, silver, and other valuables to take back to England. Moreover, they went seeking for religious freedom, mostly the Puritans. Economically, the colonists got a significant boost from the lumber they exported to their country, the mainly cultivated tobacco in the colonies like in Virginia, rice, indigo, fur, and fish. Besides, the males gave out orders, prescribed duties, solved disputes, and offered rewards and punishments. Contrariwise, the women did everything through dressing, and conversation to please their men. However, they stood in place of men when they were absent in their families more so in the Chesapeake colonies where life span was short.In the early days, the relations between the Natives and the settlers were friendly and was encouraged by the trade. However, it later became strained due to the increase of the settlers, cultural differences, and the act of demonizing the natives through enslaving them.

July 24, 2021

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