Oscar Mayer Manufacturer

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Oscar Mayer is an American meat and cold cut manufacturer whose success has been ascribed to strong marketing and brand devotion supported by customers and stakeholders throughout the years. The company has embraced a legacy of packaging innovation in order to improve flavor and freshness. Dell's brand personality is "conqueror" since it emphasizes performance and resilience. It varies from Oscar Mayer in that it seeks to cater to a certain market. Finally, the Sketcher brand has a constant set of characteristics that are paired with elegance and are targeted at engaging with the right people. The similarity of the brand with that of Dell and Oscar Meyer comes from the sincerity and competence aspects.

Question Two

The iPhone is one of those phones that have over the past five years gained a lot of popularity across the globe. One of the factors that have contributed to the success of iPhones in the markets has been the pricing strategy that Apple Corporation has put in place. Apple’s strategy has over the years been effective and this is evidenced by iPhone’s productivity. In the quest for coming up with the pricing strategy for the iPhones, the company takes into account the segment’s ability to pay, the actions of the competitors, input costs, and the conditions in the market. Therefore, as part of the pricing strategy, the company needs to set the prices for its product slightly lower than its competitors and base them on the geographical locations, therefore, leading to an increase in its sales.

Question Three

The celebrity I would use to promote Diet Pepsi and to capture the attention of various consumers would be Miley Cyrus. The decision to choose her is driven by her beauty and ability to reach various target groups. As for regular Pepsi, I would use Beyoncé because of her global popularity. To advertise Diet Coke and Coke Classic I would choose Steve Harvey due to his articulate nature that would help in the promotion of the product. Finally, for Sprite, I would use Justin Bibber due to his popularity and ability to capture the attention of the today’s youth.

May 02, 2023


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