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The role of outreach coordinator entails a variety of roles that I had anticipated depending on how the work is defined and how a person is expected to handle themselves whilst in the position. The first responsibility associated with the job is training and presentation delivery experience. When it comes to the job, it is a duty that I am familiar with because teaching is required in a variety of cultures and individuals. Presentation skills, on the other hand, are important for presenting the results obtained in the field. The second aspect of responsibilities is because of the management of various financial issues such as invoices and contracts. The financial aspects is a responsibility that I expected from the position based on how one can handle the finances that they are given to execute various activities. Financially, the role is about the understanding of how an individual who has been employed in the position can conduct their duties efficiently. The third issue is related to community outreach regarding outreach and disease prevention. Disease prevention within different communities is a responsibility that I expected since one is tasked to handle various health issues within a community. The salary indicated in the advertisement is okay. The salary for the position ranges from 47,476.00 to $61,447.00 annually. Based on the activities that one is involved in, I think that the salary being offered is good since it can ensure that an individual is in a position grow financially and economically.

According to Jonas (110), six needs have been listed by Maslow and they have been captured in the chart below. The job that is discussed in the preceding paragraphs fits on the Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs based on the chart below.

The physiological needs of the job are 99% because there is the supply of physiological needs such as food and water which are crucial for metabolic performance. The safety of the job is 99% because there are no risks that might be met by an individual who is employed for the position. The social needs for the position are 99%, and this is because being an outreach coordinator involves meeting a lot of people hence cementing the social relationship that one is involved in. Esteem needs for the job are 99% because in the job description there is no point where there has been a description of any form of disrespect for the individuals who are employed for the position.

The job is based on respect for the employees and the clients. Self-actualization for the job is 99% because the position ensures that an individual meets all the needs that they have which are based on how all the aspects of Maslow are rated 99% in the chart above. It is an indication that all the needs that one has regarding the position can be achieved if one gets employed as an outreach coordinator. The last need is the self-transcendence which based on the chart is rated 99%. Self-transcendence needs indicate the self-actualization that can receive from the position which includes being holistic in nature when executing the responsibilities position.

From the career, I have learned about the responsibilities that one is involved to a greater length because the position has been advertised in a detailed manner.

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November 17, 2022



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