Over years and in deferent field of study passion has been considered as a major drive of creativity

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Throughout the years and in different fields of research, passion has been known as a significant force of creativity; passion remains one of the most potent ingredients of performance. Passion not only makes people reflect on their aspirations and what is important, but it also motivates them to do whatever it takes to accomplish their goals. It shapes our minds; it instills a vision in our hearts, and it provides us with the opportunity to improve the hardworking skills required to achieve our goal. As a child and specifically at the age of seven I discovered my love for art, it became a means by which I could express myself, and aided by the support of my family I have found out that the study and a career in art are the directions in which my life will take. Art satisfies me and make me feel fulfilled; I see myself becoming a big time artist in the nearest future specialized in different kinds of creative integrated designs. This is a dream that has driven my passion for a long time. However, I know that my parents and family support are not enough to acquire or achieve this goal. I need the help of a professional art institution with an excellent learning environment conducive of instilling in me the principles of art. I know that I will require the assistance of well-trained tutors with proven excellence in the field of art, hence my choice of the New School’s Parson School Of Design.

My choice of the New School’s Parson School Of Design is based on the consideration of several factors. First, the school is one of the best art schools in the United States, and by implication, it is one of the best in the world. The school has maintained this pedigree over the years. The school offers a world-class teaching and learning environment supported will high level modern and state of the art equipment. I believe that the school will provide me with the needed environment required to attain all the knowledge required to become a world-class integrated designer. With the aid of its excellent tutors who are seconds to none. With the aids of it well-coordinated student life services, career services and academic support services, I am confident that the sky is the limit with regards to the height of my accomplishments in the field of arts and design. After an in-depth consideration of mission of the school which is to develop designers, artists, and scholars by impacting them with transformative and creative skill and its vision which is based on the curricular innovation, pioneering use of technology, collaborative methods, and experimentation. I have no doubts in my mind hence I am ready to place the future of my art development in the hands of the New School’s Parson School Of Design.

There is need to conclude this statement by pointing out it has been my desire to become an artist since I was seven years old. I have developed my creativity and skills. I have the ambition required to become an artist and designer, and it has always been my dream to attend the new. Hence I request an admission into this school to fulfill this dream that has driven by passion since I was seven.

October 13, 2022

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