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Hip Hop is a popular music phenomenon all over the world. It arose in the United States in the 1960s and 1970s in the South Bronx, New York, from the African American subcultural arts phenomenon known as Hip Hop (Dyson 6). The music quickly became popular in the world and spread to other continents, including Europe, Africa, South America, and, later, Asia. To this day, people of various races and tribes around the world have adapted the genre as a part of their society.Problem Definition
Perception of Hip Hop with crime
The Stereotypes surrounding Hip Hop music
Hypothesis: Hip Hop is a genre of music that is easily associated with crime due to its origin in the African American arts movement, which was rebellious of the mainstream culture.

Evolution of hip hop

The Origin of Hip Hop.

Hip Hop music and the quest for social justice.

Hip Hop as a Communication Medium

Hip Hop as a tool for societal sensitization

Hip Hop for entertainment

The Impact of Hip Hop on the Society

Associated behaviors and stereotypes.

Career prospects for musicians.


Hip Hop is a music genre that has grown progressively since the 1970s, gaining popularity across the world. It has a lot of influence from African music genres because of its origin as part of the African American art culture. There are many stereotypes associated with the music. However, the stereotypes have not contributed to the hindrance of its spread and adoption into different cultures in different nations.

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Works Cited

Dyson, Michael Eric. Know What I Mean? : Reflections on Hip-Hop,. Basic Civitas Books, 2007. Print.

September 21, 2021

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