Parenting Discussion

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Parenting is a frequent experience that all of us are expected to take part in as a form of procreation. In my experience as a parent, I have realized that it can be really burdensome and frustrating when parenting is considered as a presiding job on the growth of the child. The opposite can existing a whole new experience of exquisite creativity and affirm experiences that are offered by using life itself when parenting is taken as an opportunity for non-public growth as this can present a mutual increase for the child and the parent as nicely.
In my experience, a parent who has embraced parenting as an opportunity lives a joyful life when they realize that the child they have been raising is full of integrity. This shows that the fruits of better parenting are garnered later in life when the child is fully grown. I discovered that great parenting presents their children with multiple chances to broaden and improve their horizon provide guidance to provide the best quality of life in them. This has also its advantages as with proper parenting, children do give parents the opportunity and the satisfaction of becoming the parents they once wished they would be.

In my experience, I have also learned that great parents understand that their children are born with unique potentials. And through proper parenting, children will develop acceptable moral values, interests, temperamental rhythms and personality style. They will exert a great influence on these qualities and bring out the best virtues in them from their children through proper parenting (Borkowski et al., 2002).

From experience, I have learned that we as parents should avoid displaying excessive affection to our children. We should love them, yes, but we should develop their self-discipline by imposing regular habits on them. We should reason with them, especially when they have wronged or have been faced with an ethical dilemma and provide guidance and help them become insightful as they grow up to ensure that they enjoy their lives well during leisure but also have the disciple of work and respect and for other.

I, as a parent, have also realized that young children when not properly guided will participate in miseducation, not because it pleases them or that they enjoy it, but because they want to please those whom they are attached to. This miseducation will create a feeling of conflict and the internal struggle between doing what is expected of them versus the inclination that is suppressed on them by those that they are attached to. In most cases, it brings out a deep-sited problem in children and a feeling of loneliness. Hence, parents should be vigilant with whom their children interact with if they are to bring them best out of the child (Slade, 2007).


Parenting can be viewed as a burden and tiresome or can be seen as an opportunity to bring out the best in our children and be the best parents we once dreamt of. Exercising great parental skills in bringing up children will lead to great satisfaction when the full grown child exercises integrity in the face of others. Parents should exercise combined reasoning with their children in the face of a dilemma or when they wrong in order to help them make better choices in future. Care should be taken to the type of people our children interact with so that they don't develop a sense of withdrawal and loneliness whenever they are forced to do wrong by those that they admire and feel attached to (Bornstein, 2001).


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August 09, 2021



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