Parrot in the Oven Book Review

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Victor Martinez is the author of Parrot in The Oven, a new novel set in Mexico City. This book is his first novel and has received a positive response from readers. The story is filled with humor and heart, and is sure to appeal to a wide range of readers. This is a short novel, but one that will stick with readers.


Parrot in the Oven is a semi-autobiographical novel written by Mexican-American author Victor Martinez. It was published in 1996 and won the National Book Award. It tells the story of a Mexican-American teen, Manuel Hernandez, who considers joining a gang in order to prove his worth and gain respect.

The book is a coming of age story about the life of a Mexican-American boy living in a project. It explores the plight of poor Mexican Americans and the bleak conditions in which they live. It vividly portrays Chicano life in the American West.


Parrot in the Oven by Victor Martinez is a classic coming of age novel. It teaches the main character important life lessons. The novel is written in the style of Bildungsroman. It features the characters Mr. Hernandez and his wife. He also uses his gun to scare his daughter.

The novel is written with a realistic style of narration. The characters are likable and believable, despite their shortcomings. The plot is enthralling and keeps the reader turning the pages. The plot is a delight for book lovers and non-readers alike. It is a must-read if you're a fan of contemporary literature.

Manny wants to be smarter than the parrot in the oven

After hearing his father's advice to become smarter than the parrot in the oven, Manny sets out on a quest to become vato firme (smarter than the parrot in the oven). He begins by comparing himself to money. He feels he is a penny, but he wants to be more, vato firme.

Manny is a typical teenager, growing up in an unfavorable environment. He has a father who tried to kill his mother, a sister who got pregnant, and kids who beat him up. As the book progresses, we see that making the right decision is always the best one.

Manny wants to find out what it means to be a guy to respect

As a young man, Manny's ambitions are high, and he longs to be more than a penny. He thinks that a baseball glove will give him respect at school. However, his parents do not want him to pursue a higher education. Instead, they want him to get a job at a restaurant as a dishwasher and work his way up.

Parrot in the Oven is a coming-of-age novel that explores the plight of the poor Mexican-American. It vividly depicts the life of a Mexican-American in the American West.

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