Patient care improvement

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Making connections with other students who share their compassion and dedication

Mentoring students as they prepare for their professional path and conveying norms, ethics, and the skills needed by students to be responsible and accountable leaders in society and members of the nursing profession.

Students aim to provide the finest care possible for their patients; here is what NASN can do for you:

connects you with other nursing students

Access to all nursing materials archives

Develop students' leadership skills while they serve in various positions within the organization.

Scholarships, grants, and awards can help you succeed.

Connect in person with other committed nurse students at local chapter events.

Share clinical questions and information in the organization NASN Hub online community discussion forum.

Network online at Twitter, Facebook and Instargram.

Upcoming events.

Membership requirements

Must be a nursing student

Pay the registration fee

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May 24, 2023
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Student Mentorship Nurse

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