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Oscar Myer has been established by German immigrants as a meat packer. The name of the Oscar Mayer Wiener, heavily marketed for TV and radio, is translated into the high market awareness. In particular, Oscar Mayer wieners can easily be recognized on the packaging by means of distinctive yellow brands. In particular the company designed and exhibited a "wienermobile" from Oscar Mayer, a vehicle that looked like a hot dog, visiting fairs and other venues, thereby creating a broad national appeal to customers (, 2017).
On the other hand, Dell Inc. assumes an exclusive brand attribute that encompasses its different product supplies. Dell Inc. offers a range of products from laptops and desktop computers to flat-screen television sets. Each merchandise has the Dell brand label and it fits within with Dell’s placing of value and supportive customer service (, 2017). With a long history of marketing technology-based products, Dell has become a well-known U.S. brand. Management viewed the brand as a strong point to explore and achieve in marketing fresh products including flat-screen TVs, small music players, and other technological products.

Skechers USA, Inc., is a $2-billion-a-year company that describes itself as a prize-winning worldwide groundbreaker in the lifestyle footwear business. The corporation’s brand also underlines that it designs, produces and markets lifestyle shoes that are likable to men, ladies as well as youngsters of all ages (, 2017). Skechers identifies itself with its unique name which has become a shoe brand that many teenagers prefer. All the companies’ brands are similar in that their main goal of utilizing branding is to acquire customer acknowledgment of the brand in order to intensify the likelihood of sales. Further, all the three companies want their brand to convey a particular image that can be recalled to encourage repeat purchases.

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July 24, 2021

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