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Personality Results of Myers Briggs

Positives of an efficient social worker
I have learned after reviewing the four-letter score that several current positives can help me become an effective social worker, such as being sociable and friendly, sympathetic, dressing in vibrant colors and conflict prevention.
Sociable and Friendly Being
I will get to know several different people by being sociable and get to learn various things about them that could help me better perform my social work. By being sociable I will get to understand the difficulties certain people face in life as they will feel am their friend and communication will be easy; thus they will share their troubles, and I can assist them accordingly (Keirsey & Bates, 30).
The trait of being sympathetic will help me as a social worker connect with individuals as it shows I care for them or I relate to situation they are undergoing. This will make the individual share secretive and crucial details that they may otherwise have not divulged if I did not show sympathy to what they experienced.

Dressing in Vibrant Colors

As a social worker dressing in vibrant colors shows a level of informality which makes the people feel like you are part of their peer and may easily share informal details which would not be the case if formal dressing colors (Keirsey & Bates, 30).

Avoiding Conflicts

Through avoiding conflict as a social worker, it shows that I have the interest and wellbeing of the people in the society considered. Avoiding conflicts brings people together and solves disputes or issues leaving the people in harmony, and that is part of the core values of a social worker.

Areas to Focus on for Improving

Personal Growth

There are several areas to focus on improving to become an effective social worker such as personal growth which involves accepting the negativities of people, encouraging people to articulate needs, having long-term goals and listening and thinking carefully before making decisions (Team Technology). These aspects will make one be an effective reader as they directly relate to the situation in the current world.

Recognizing Stress

Recognizing stress is important to help one improve to become an effective social worker because it will help the social worker know how to handle different stressful situations to avoid adverse impacts such as ignoring others or blaming people and this promotes organizations and appreciation (Team Technology).

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July 24, 2021

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