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Philosophy necessitates a great deal of abstraction. Furthermore, contemplating the many attractions linked with ethical and moral ideas is part of the moral aspect of philosophy. Philosophers believe that knowing what action to take and when involves a solid understanding of general ethical and moral concepts. Because we are inquisitive beings, we are constantly looking for reasons for the circumstances we face and why they may be considered moral or immoral (Shafer-Landau 14). Moral theories help us on this front as they provide us with a means of unifying various cases that we come across as well as to explain these situations in a way that makes sense. Also, they help to explain the reason why some specific principles that apply to a given situation may be justified. The author has explored this subject exhaustively. However, other philosophers may have a much in-depth take on this subject matter.

It is my belief as well that a moral claim should not be based on whimsical, unpredictable or indiscernible guidelines. We need a structured mechanism that can be used to explain facts and concepts. This mechanism helps us explain why certain actions would be considered wrong (or right) or the reason why we should conduct ourselves in particular ways. For example, for us to evaluate affirmative action as a moral matter, we should not evaluate which policies or actions are wrong or right without considering the basis on which we determine what is wrong or right.

We cannot indulge the subject of morality without engaging some principle or theory. When looking at the moral soundness of a decision, we always have to think about how we arrive at what is wrong or right. So our decisions cannot be capricious or arbitrary at any one time.

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May 24, 2023

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