Philosophy of Religion

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The study of the nature and meaning of distinct religious conceptions is referred to as philosophy of religion. Arguments over the presence of God, His nature, evil, and suffering are examples of these conceptions. Various communities have different viewpoints on certain aspects of religion. Various opinions on this subject contradict one another, and it is difficult for everyone to agree on religion (Frederick, 28). My perspective has shifted after reading some of the philosophical arguments on religion. First, I now believe that God exists. This is because, God’s existence is the most logical explanation for the beginning of the universe. Existence of the universe has a transcendent cause. The complexity of life must have been influenced by a supernatural being that is God. For example, the best explanation for consciousness and intentionality can only be based on God. No theory by atheists has been able to explain this complex phenomenon (Frederick, 58). Only a theistic point of view can explain the intentional states of consciousness.

Further, after reading the philosophical arguments, my perspective on evil and suffering has changed. At first, I believed God was not aware of the evil and suffering that is going on in the world. However, currently my perspective is that God is omnipresent and is aware of everything. Sometimes suffering is meant to make humans achieve a higher meaning of life. He created people with free will and sometimes he tests humans to see their faith (Frederick, 87). Additionally, God works mysteriously and has reasons for letting evil happen. He is supernatural and therefore humans can never be able to understand his mind or will.

Further, religion plays a number of functions in the society today including giving life purpose and meaning. It also provides answers to mysteries and offers emotional comfort (Frederick, 76). In my new perspective, religion creates opportunities for social interaction and helps in formation of groups such as creation of houses of worship where people with similar beliefs come together thus reinforcing their stability and unity.

Work cited

Ferré, Frederick. Basic modern philosophy of religion. Routledge, 2013.

May 10, 2023


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