Philosophy: The concept of intersectionality

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Intersectionality is a hot topic that activists and philosophers have delved into, and it is still widely concentrated in the day-to-day world. Gender, race, class, and sexuality are all intertwined and form the foundation of women's oppression and discrimination. The role of Patricia Hill Collins and Sirma Bilge on intersectionality is the focus of the following article.
Intersectional frameworks for human rights, citizenship, politics, diversity, and global social protest are forming and growing. Black women's relationships with one another are significant and soothing (Collins and Bilge 58). Authors have spoken out against injustice and bigotry, giving those who have no voice a voice. Diverse reactions towards the turmoil faced by various individuals brought with social change as it has led to growth of feminist movements. Structural and power dominance constantly reappear across various forms of oppression. Conflicts, ideas and debates surrounding intersectionality is based on the patterns of culture and social institutions. Intersectionality implies that social categories are neither static, nor limited. The shifting of matrix domination consequently shifts with interpersonal relationships. Since inequalities are history relatable many people tend to align the issues of victimization to the authority and particular groups of people.

Empowerment, self-definition and knowledge among the black women is a recent development in the society. This has shaped the political perspective and social class among these women. The war against racism, sexism and discrimination has therefore been championed by these feminists with the target to reform the social conditions (Collins and Bilge 13). Life experience as well enhances one’s knowledge and personal responsibility. Consequently attainment of social justice would be possible through the resistance of these women against oppression.

Intersectionality is the flag bearer towards the understanding of discrimination and oppression. The impact it has on certain group of members of the society and the response by various institutions and persons.

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Hill, Collins P, and Sirma Bilge. Intersectionality. , 2016. Print

October 20, 2021


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