Physical Developments in Adulthood

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Physical trends in humans are observational changes that assist in the identification of the levels of maturity of an individual. Scientists argue that the changes in the constructions of individuals result from the boom of various organs in the body. In humans, physical improvement is a systematic procedure whereby the physique of individuals modifications depending on one's sex and stage of development.

Childhood to early adulthood

In the stage of childhood to adulthood, the bodily changes in the bodies of humans include the development of muscles. Scholars opine that the boom in the muscular systems of the young adults is a coaching for the roles that the needs body undertakes. According to Cooper and Kelly (722), during the early adulthood, "an increase in fatty acids causes weight gain, a decrease in muscle strength, and a stabilization of reaction time." Besides, "the development of secondary sex characters in boys results in enlargement of testes and penis, shoulders, and growth of facial hair, breaking of the voice and sperm formation."(Özdemir & Nevin 718).

Early to middle adulthood

Scientists have discovered that in the onset of adulthood to middle adulthood, the humans' physical appearances also changes as "hair begins to turn gray and wrinkles appear in the faces (Rathus 249). Besides, wrinkles begin to appear on the skin during the early adulthood to middle adulthood (Rathus 249). An analysis of the body structures of the personalities in the stage above shows an increase in the sizes of the waist, especially for the females. The vision of the personalities in the middle adulthood also declines due to the development of presbyopia (Cooper & Kelly 724). In the stage above, people also experience loss of bone elasticity that can lead to osteoporosis."(Rathus 249) Finally, the females in the middle adulthood develop menopause, the loss of menstruation.

Middle to late adulthood

According to Rathus (249), the mid to late adulthood starts at the age of 65 and continues till the death of an individual. From the middle to the late adulthood, the developments in the physical structures of the humankind include changes in the skin and facial appearance due to the reduction of subcutaneous fat in the body (Rathus 249). Also, the people experience thinning of the hair, and they become bald. Besides, changes in the body posture are evident in the middle to adulthood developmental stage due to the loss of collagen in the spinal vertebrae (Cooper & Kelly 729). Scholars have also discovered that the mid to late adulthood stage of development involves internal changes in the body systems of an individual includes loss of muscle mass and the decline in the digestive, urinary and respiratory systems (Rogers 390). Also, the personalities in the early to late adulthood development stage have weak cardiovascular systems due to the decline in the cardiac muscle strengths.


As discussed in this essay, various physical changes occur in the bodies of humans at specific developmental stages. In the early adulthood, the physical changes include an increase in the body weight and development of the reproductive organs while the middle adulthood entails the physical changes such as presbyopia and thinning of hair. Also, the females in the middle adulthood experience increase in the waist size. In the late adulthood, the physical developments include the graying of hair and decline in muscular mass. Also, the personalities in the late adulthood have a change in the body postures.

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May 04, 2022

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