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The introduction of technologies has altered the social structure of humans. As a result, computer-related technologies have been an integral part of how people connect and engage with their environments. Scholars contend that computer-based technologies are built on human mindsets and are tuned to solve problems. As a result, people increasingly rely on technology for communications, job management, and even entertainment (Alshaiji 123). New technical advances are dominated by video games. Fans of video games create brand expectations based on the format and background of the games. Some of the most popular games include Minecraft, Pokémon Go, Super Mario, Tetris, and Overwatch. The ratings of these games are done using a compilation of customer reviews and the number of download within a specified period. For instance, Pokémon Go is considered as one of the most popular game in 2017. The major age bracket that constitutes the Pokémon Go players is eighteen to sixty-five. These statistics indicate that a significant percentage of the population plays video games. However, there have been concerns over the impact of video games such as Pokémon Go on the social and psychological life. Studies show that in as much as video games such as Pokémon Go have negative implications on their players, they are imperative because they facilitate skill enhancement and facilitate the development of cognitive abilities. This paper explains how Pokémon Go influences the social-psychological aspects of life of its players.  

Augmented Reality in Pokémon Go

In an article in The New York Times, Wingfield and Isaac note that Pokémon Go gives its mass audience an augmented reality (n.p). The authors indicate that the game is developed using the integration of cameras, location tracking, and graphics. The interaction of the players with the game makes the individuals visit landmarks, which are reflected on the interface. As a result, the game encourages people to visit parks, beaches, and streets. The game is unique in the sense that it captures some aspects of the environment, thus making the players curious and develops the motive to spend more time interacting with it (Walkar).

Pokémon Go, which is now am a popular video game, is played by millions of mobile phone users across the world. The game is developed in such a way that it engages the mind of the player with their surroundings. The rules of the game require the player to think fast and be aware of their targets, the interaction of which determines their scores. The game utilizes the mobile phone’s GPS tracker to determine the location of the player (Parker 40). The interface entails an onscreen map with avatars, which represent the player. The interface is also build using different colors, but the dominant one is blue. 

Pokémon Go is a one of the video games that needs users to hold there phones and goes outside to play. Augmented reality is a main approach that presented Pokémon Go. When playing the game, you can see the actual street map on your phone moves with every step you make, when clicking the creatures around you, with the augmented reality technology supported, players can see the creatures on the phone stand in the reality. When seeing a living being, quickly throw an elves egg veraciously to catch it. If successfully, you will have one elf. The elf can be evolved to next level with the same breed eggs, and you could be able to breeding an egg to have a new elf every 3,000 steps you make. Besides evolve, you can also fight with other users in the fight station. High-level sprites can beat low levels. So Pokémon Go actually developed a player attractive circle, users want to have high-lever sprites to beat others so they need to go outside to catch more creatures or get more eggs. While doing so people can actually explore the city he or she lives in, do some exercises and get know other users around, however, playing the game could waste a lot of time. Besides the time you spent outside, because the randomly of the creatures shown up, the addicted users would hold their phone all the time to have the catch position ready to operate. 

Why People Get Addicted to Pokémon Go and why the Game is Popular

People who do not play video games consider the practice as a sheer waste of time. Besides, the individuals often see nothing interesting in the games. In an article on the Medium website, Rob Walker notes that his first encounter with the game was not planned, but rather triggered by curiosity. The writer states that he did not want to play Pokémon Go, but rather to explore its features. The author also notes that he never knew what the rules of the game were (Walker n.p). The author only learned on what the game is all about by playing with the digital creatures. In light of this, the players of video games overlook the entertainment they can derive from the virtual space until they experience it. Walker also reveals that even though it was not his plan to understand the game; he ended up spending a lot of time trying to discover what the Pokémon game was all about. The author’s experience is a manifestation of how people get addicted to video games and spend a considerable amount of time with their phones and computers. In reference to the author’s experience, Walker ended up liking the game out of curiosity to know what happens next with the onscreen activities, a situation that resulted to his addiction to the game.

The augmented reality approach, which results in an enhanced focus on oneself, explains the addictive of the game. The players relate what they see on their smartphone screens to their environment. For instance, the avatars in the display reflect on the actions of the player such as walking down the streets and changing their directions. And when the creatures are nearby, looking through your phone’s camera, in addition to the real world, a cartoon creature is standing (Parker 40). The game prompts the player to take some actions such as movements that allow them to earn points. As such, the satisfaction of the players is derived with the interactions of the players with the game and the environment. Psychologists argue that individuals feel good upon the activation of the dopamine reward circuit in their brains. On the same note, the tendency of people to talk about themselves and paying attention to things that affect them activate the dopamine circuit. As noted by Parker, the augmented reality of Pokémon Go is that the players are self-generated and have control over what happens in the game provided that they have their phones on their hands (Parker 40). The belief that the players have total control over the virtual layer in the game as compared to the real environment boosts the self-efficacy of the lovers of Pokémon Go. The achievements of the players are reflected on the product appreciation and self-image, which makes the individuals get addicted to playing Pokémon Go.

Positive impacts of playing Pokémon Go

With the addictive of the Pokémon Go, the central question arises whether the game has positive or negative implications on one’s brain health. Various studies give mixed reactions to this question, which makes it difficult to make a solid conclusion. One of the positive impacts of using video games such as Pokémon is that it enhances a person’s visuospatial skills (Alshaiji 124). The skills entail an individual’s ability to perceive the relationship between some objects and make timely decisions. The players of the game use their brain to navigate through the virtual space that is accommodated in the game’s interface. It is a notable phenomenon that an individual is likely to record low scores when playing the game for the first time. However, their performance in the game improves as they interact with their gadgets regularly. Research indicates that regular players become better as they use video games regularly, an aspect that can be applied in real life activities such as academics (Parker 40). 

Psychologists also argue that video games enhance an individual’s cognitive control. The ability of a person to switch tasks, engages their memory, take proactive inhibition and react to circumstances. Games played in the virtual world require an individual to be attentive to manage their controls and respond to the impulse caused by environmental factors (Wingfield et al). For instance, some games require the players to either flee or attack based on the circumstances posed to them by their virtual opponents. As such, the games are an important aspect of the brain because they train an individual on being keen and quick to do calculations.

Psychologists also note that playing video games is important to a person’s health because it boosts their skill acquisition (Walkar). The players have rewarded points based on their level of skills in the game. For instance, virtual soccer, car racing, and boxing are some of the games in which skills are applied. The skills that are applied in all the above games are necessary when playing in real life activities. Continued exposure to the video games also improves the ability of people to be proficient in daily life activities such as solving math questions or solving puzzles.

Negative impacts of playing Pokémon Go

Despite their numerous benefits to brain health, Pokémon Go has negative effects on brain health and other lifestyle-related risks. For instance, prolonged exposure to the game results in sleep problems. A lot of players play Pokémon Go outside during nighttime, the emit light that can be dangerous to their eyes. Whereas the use of the devices is safe, a prolonged use of this is considered unhealthy. The brain will adapt to the addicted trend, results of a loss of sleep. 

Besides the brain-related effects, addiction to Pokémon Go will result in the loss of time. The players spend too much time interacting with the app instead of managing their tasks and engaging their families. Reports show that some people, especially teenagers skip their meals, just to continue playing the game (Alshaiji 128-130). This tendency shows the consequences of prolonged usage of Pokémon Go. As noted by Wingfield and Isaac, the rising trend of Pokémon Go usage endangers the lives of the players because it gives criminals an opportunity to lure individuals to particular locations (n.p). Besides, people who play the game often disrupt homeowners because they are led by the GPS tracker and the avatars on the onscreen map. The addiction to Pokémon Go starts with the curiosity to absolutely new format of a video game and can lead to some negative and positive effects on human brain as described above.

From the arguments, it is evident that games such as Pokémon Go are an important aspect of the social and psychological life of an individual. The advantages of playing games such as Pokémon range from entertainment to the enhancement of a person’s cognitive ability. The games are also a significant aspect in the skill-development of an individual. However, it is essential to note that the habits of video game players should be controlled as they can result in adverse problems. For this reason, it is essential for players to exercise responsibility when using video games as a form of entertaining themselves. It is advisable to play the games during leisure time to minimize inconveniences that may result from prolonged gaming sessions.

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This paper will propose a question that can only be answered through research in both critical literature (drawn from the readings in the course as well as your own research) and careful analysis of a digital narrative project.

In other words, this paper will combine two skills that we have been developing over the course of the semester. On the one hand, you will perform the sort of argumentative analysis you’ve deployed in the response papers, engaging with theories of digital media (from Rebecca Solnit to Kenneth Goldsmith, e.g.). On the other hand, these theories will be grounded in an analysis of (at least) one work of digital media—the skills you have brought to bear in your formal analysis assignment along with the formal analyses we have been routinely performing in our discussions of the works in class.

This will sound familiar to anyone who’s taken a college-level English class before: you’re doing a close reading of a primary source (in that case, a novel, in this case, a game, an interactive documentary, data journalism, etc.) and then placing your close reading in a larger theoretical context and supporting your arguments about your reading by bringing in critical sources.


Opening: The digital medium at hand and the salient theme/idea/question/ideology in question are clear (B). The importance of that theme, or the reason for your interest in it, is also clear (A).

Description of Technical Element: Essay employs close reading skills, referring at some point to specific formal elements of the digital medium chosen (visual elements, sound, interactive elements, etc.).

(minimal detail/accuracy = C)

(sufficient detail used accurately = B)

(evidence of an outstanding eye/ear = A)

Interpretation of Technical Element: Close reading—see above—includes interpretation.

(surface-level or obvious interpretation = C)

(solid college-level insight = B)

(surprising, innovative, thinking + excellently supported interpretation w/description operating in service of it = A)

Use of Critical Sources: Must empty two critical sources relevant to the argument at hand which serve to both support and complicate the issues under discussion.

Essay-Wide Cohesion: Body paragraphs contribute to and complicate our understanding of the theme/idea/question/ ideology (A). Or…Body paragraphs mostly repeat/reinforce one observation (B), or occasionally lose relevance (C).

Closing: Ultimately, what seems to be the digital narrative’s overall stance or commentary on the theme/idea/question/ideology? Essay closes not with a repetition of the introduction, but with a meditation on the role of the theme/idea/question/ideology within the broader social or artistic project of the digital narrative.

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